Cheryl Morgan is a science fiction critic and publisher. She is the owner of Wizard’s Tower Press and the Wizard’s Tower Books ebook store. Previously she edited the Hugo Award winning magazine, Emerald City (Best Fanzine, 2004). She also won a Hugo for Best Fan Writer in 2009.

Cheryl is a director of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions Inc., and a founder of the Association for the Recognition of Excellence in SF & F Translation.

Cheryl is currently part of the team running Science Fiction Awards Watch, and is non-fiction editor of Clarkesworld Magazine, with which she won her third and fourth Hugo Awards in 2010 and 2011. She maintains the websites for the SF in SF readings in San Francisco, and for BristolCon in the UK.

In addition to her Hugo wins Cheryl and/or Emerald City have been nominated for several other Hugo Awards, including Best Web Site and Best Semiprozine; two Ditmar Awards; and one British Science Fiction Association Award. Clarkesworld has been nominated for the Hugo Award, the World Fantasy Award, and was a finalist in the Locus Awards during Cheryl’s time with the magazine. Cheryl was a Guest of Honour at Finncon 2007 in Jyväskylä, Finland.

In addition to spending far too much time reading Cheryl has been known to dabble in computer programming, web site design, journalism and the economics of competitive electricity markets. Her writing has appeared in venues such as Locus, Interzone, The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Strange Horizons and of course Clakesworld.

Cheryl lives near Bath in the UK.

You can contact Cheryl by email.