Late Night Linkage

Because I have booked 10 hours on the Day Jobbe today and have had #ALD10 to worry about.

– The music industry is considering a Trustmark scheme to indicate download sites that are not piracy. Worth checking out if you are an author worried about similar issues.

– MORAL PANIC! MORAL PANIC!!! The Telegraph says that Facebook causes syphilis. Mashable is more cautious, and I gather that Ben Goldacre is on the case, so expect something amusing on Saturday.

Mega sale of old mimeo fanzines on eBay (mostly comics-related). Thanks to Forbidden Planet for the tip-off.

– Justine Larbalestier ponders one of the age old questions of the Internet (the one I tend to call, “Why do you see the fact that I don’t like the same books as you as a threat?”) She also considers forcing John Scalzi to wear a ballgown.

The Economist does a daily blog post linking to interesting writing about economics. Today’s links included one to this post by Charlie Stross on the economics of book length.

– One of the more interesting presentations at the recent DEMO conference was about the use of quantum dots in camera phones. Mashable has a nice summary. I like seeing technology I first read about in SF novels finding its way into everyday life.

– Mind control: wear this simple helmet and you can control a computer just by thinking.

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