Nene Ormes Interview

As promised, I have another one of my Ujima radio interviews available as a podcast now. This one is with Nene Ormes, a Swedish writer whose work is not yet available in English (but I am hopeful). Topics addressed include:

  • Getting published in English
  • Urban fantasy in Sweden
  • Swedish crime novels
  • Marriage equality in Sweden
  • Vikings
  • Egyptology (Nene is an archaeologist by training)
  • The World SF Travel Grant
  • Working in a bookstore
  • Wedding tattoos

Nene asked me to add that after the show she remembered that Swedes do call some Danish pastries Viennese.

The interview was originally broadcast on July 24th.

As usual the interview is available through the Salon Futura feed on iTunes.

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One Response to Nene Ormes Interview

  1. Daniel Franklin says:

    Bah, Egyptologists with their mummies and pyramids and attention. No one ever looks at the Greco-Roman world for inspira- oh. Wait. That’s not true any more.

    Still though – why *do* we only look that far East for most historically-inspired dramas when slightly further you’ve got Persia, Assyria, Babylon, &c? Weird

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