Rail Saga Update

I had to use the trains today as I was co-hosting Women’s Outlook on Ujima. All went well. So no trouble with officious conductors. Also a great interview with Tim Maughan and an opportunity to plug Ian McDonald’s PlanesRunner. I’ll let you know when the podcasts are available for download.

Meanwhile I have spoken to Christian Wolmar, the best known rail journalist in the UK (and potentially the next Labour candidate for Mayor of London), and am waiting on a response from Barry Doe, a rail journalist who specializes in fare regulations.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau website says that if you have been sold a ticket in good faith you can’t be liable for penalty fares.

American Express have been wonderful, as they always are. There’s a reason I pay to have their cards.

And finally I got to mention the FGW incident on the Ujima show. Paulette, like everyone else I have told the story to, was outraged. We are going to do a feature on railway horror stories. If there’s anyone else with a similar story, please let me know. Bristol area would be preferred, but anywhere in the UK would do.

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  1. Martha says:

    Good Luck. I hope you embarrass them thoroughly.

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