An Essential World SF Reference Work

World SF In Translation - Jari Koponen

Today I received a review copy of World SF in Translation, a bibliography of around 3,500 science fiction novels and stories that have been translated into English. It covers 1165 authors from 54 different countries. The author is Finnish scholar, Jari Koponen, and the book’s brief preface is printed in Finnish, Swedish and English. The vast majority of the content, however, is in English because it is titles of books and stories. The book is readable by anyone who can read English.

Sadly, having come from a Finnish publisher, Avain, the book isn’t easily available. It is also quite expensive, being a specialist work. It looks like you can buy copies here. Possibly someone from Finland will know of a better source. Anyway, it is an amazing resource, and one that deserves to be more widely known.

Also, Best Related Work. It will be on my ballot.

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