Travel and Book Update

Kevin and I have been having a great time looking at trains and odd bits of history. Very shortly we will be off to Eastercon, where hopefully we’ll see quite a few of you.

Meanwhile the blogosphere is taking note of Ben’s books. Ben himself has been writing about the history of His Majesty’s Starship here and here (and there should be a Part 3 to come). In addition Mike Glyer has a post, which he has decorated with this very fine photo:

Ben Jeapes and friend

Ben is the one on the left.

The books are currently not available on Amazon because they are refusing to believe that I have the right to publish them. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. But in the meantime you can of course buy them here.

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2 Responses to Travel and Book Update

  1. Tony Keen says:

    Ben “taller than a Cyberman” Jeapes! Excellent!

  2. GlennS says:

    What’s this about Amazon refusing to publish because they don’t think you have the right to?? Replying out of band is fine; I have a friend who’s gone into micropublishing and who, if this is at all significant, needs to know about this…

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