A Good Month for Archaeology

I decided not to blog about the discovery of Caligula’s tomb, because by the time I found out about it lots of other people had already done so. However, I’ve just seen a tweet from Gail Carriger about a claim by Greek archaeologists that they have discovered the palace of Odysseus on Ithaca. This is all cool stuff.

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2 Responses to A Good Month for Archaeology

  1. Steven says:

    An explanation of why the Caligula find is probably bogus.

    And while the Ithaca excavation sounds more promising, it will be interesting to watch how it pans out. Obviously claiming the palace belonged to Odysseus is sexier and equates to more funding than claiming that it was just a palace that may have dated to the same time.

  2. Brewster says:

    Even if (as Steven suggests) the Caligula and Odysseus associations are more PR than actuality, it’s More Old Stuff that tells us something about how people made things in their respective cultures.

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