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Today on Ujima – Local Politics

Today’s show was a Women in Politics special. With both City Council and European Parliament elections coming up in May, we took the opportunity to invite a bunch of local women politicians into the studio. The first hour saw us … Continue reading

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Some Bristol Politics

Those of you who listened to last week’s Women’s Outlook show will remember that we were visited by Tasha from the Avon Coalition Against Big Biofuels. She talked about plans for new biomass power stations at Avonmouth. There was day … Continue reading

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Today On Ujima: Er, Everything!

Well that was a bit mad. Today we had a very busy show. We started off with some ladies talking about fostering and adoption services in Bristol. Apparently there is a major shortage of families willing to foster or adopt … Continue reading

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Ujima: Anansi, Maroons, Health, Poetry

Yesterday’s show on Ujima was a bit scary. Paulette had asked me to host the entire show as she was expecting to be on course. As it turned out, she was around, but I did the whole show anyway despite … Continue reading

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Drowning in Aether

The cover art for CN Lester’s new album, Aether, shows CN underwater in various ways. The symbolism is apt. Aether is one of those albums where you want to turn all the lights off and just let the music wash … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: Media Diversity & Airships

I’m delighted to report that the Women’s Outlook show has been back on air today. That was a great relief to all concerned. Today’s show was mainly about media diversity issues. That was specifically with respect to women, but we … Continue reading

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Back On Air Monday @UjimaRadio

Ujima Radio chairman, Roger Griffith, has posted on Facebook that the station will be back on air on Monday (March 24th). Thanks are due to The Utilities Warehouse for being willing to work with us to get power restored as … Continue reading

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Book Review And More – Karen Joy Fowler

Karen Joy Fowler will be at Foyles in Bristol on Wednesday night promoting the UK release of her new book, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. As a reviewer, I am somewhat reluctant to say that you should not read … Continue reading

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Further Update: #BringBackUjima @UjimaRadio

There is an update on the Ujima Radio website. It includes Roger’s statement that I reported yesterday, and the following from Mayor Ferguson: I have asked officers to intervene in order to ensure that Ujima Radio is back on air … Continue reading

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Update On @Ujimaradio #BringBackUjima

Paulette phoned me this afternoon to say that the show of support outside the station had gone very well. The event was covered on ITV news this evening, and I was delighted to see lots of people there, including our … Continue reading

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We Need Your Help to #BringBackUjima @UjimaRadio

As regular readers will know, for the past year or so I have done a lot of volunteering at Ujima, a community radio station in Bristol. Currently we are off the air. A statement by the Directors is on our … Continue reading

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No Radio, But Playlist

There was no radio show today, for reasons well beyond my control. This is a shame, because we had a great show reflecting on International Women’s Day planned, and I had put together a playlist of songs by women from … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Crime & Education

The first half hour of today’s show was given over to a local writer whose debut novel has been released today to much fanfare. Someone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary is widely tipped to be one of the hottest properties … Continue reading

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Today On Ujima – LGBT History Month Part III

Another Wednesday, another show in the bag. I’m very pleased with this one. In the first hour I have the fabulous CN Lester in the studio to talk about the history of opera and their own music. Along the way … Continue reading

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LGBT Radio Interview

I have made of podcast of the segment about the history of LGBT radio in Bristol that I did on Ujima last week. Sadly I have to remove the music for podcasting, as I don’t have the necessary licenses, but … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – LGBT History Month Part II

Starting off today’s show we had Terry Starr giving us some background on the history of LGBT radio, in particular the fabulous Shout Out show that he and Mary Milton founded. Also in the first hour, and other Shout Out … Continue reading

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The Shout Out Awards, 2014

Last night I was in Bristol for the second annual Shout Out Awards ceremony, hosted by my good friends from Shout Out Radio. A full list of winners and runners up is available here. The award for Best Trans Event … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – LGBT History Month Part I

Today’s show started out slightly chaotically because our regular engineer, Seth, wasn’t available, and Paulette had to cover running the desk. We got there in the end, but there was a bit of mild panic in the process. My guest … Continue reading

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Some Words from Brighton

The latest episode of Claire Parker’s Time 4 T radio show is now available as a podcast. It includes a segment featuring Brighton-based poet, Alice Denny, and a lengthy interview with a trans woman who financed her surgery by working … Continue reading

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Last Week On ShoutOut – Trans & Awards

Bristol’s LGBT radio show, Shout Out, had a great trans story last week. Steff, one of the trans presenters on the show, brought her family in to talk about how they coped with her transition. It is my long term … Continue reading

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