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Brighton*Transformed Published

One of the things I had to miss this week was the launch of Brighton*Transformed, the history of trans people in the city that was produced by many of the same people that are behind Trans Pride. The book is … Continue reading

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A Well Desereved Award

In today’s email was the happy news that this year’s Burbank International Film Festival has given the prize for Best Feature Documentary to Better Things: The Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones. I blogged about the film here and here. Thanks … Continue reading

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Rainbow Jews Crowdfunder

My friend Surat Knan is running a crowdfunding campaign to help support their Rainbow Jews project. If you have any interest in LGBT history, and in particular if you do so and are Jewish, you may want to support this … Continue reading

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Trans Pride Podcasts

The last of the broadcast material from my Trans Pride coverage aired last Thursday so I am free to podcast the full, unedited version. This has the full interviews with Fox & Lewis, with Nicole Gibson, and with Bethany Black. … Continue reading

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The Trans Stuff at Worldcon

Today there was an academic program section that included a paper on trans characters in science fiction. It was given by Paul Ballard, and I went along to see what he had to say. I was completely floored when he … Continue reading

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Bethany Black & Alice Denny on Shout Out

The podcast of last night’s edition of Shout Out is now available, and it contains a lot of my Trans Pride coverage. In particular there is material featuring Bethany Black and Alice Denny. Alice had written a new poem especially … Continue reading

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On Depression and Suicide

The desperately sad news about Robin Williams today has resulted in a flood of comment on social media. Much of it, inevitably, is foul. Much more, however, is well intentioned but simplistic. Depression, like so many things in life, is … Continue reading

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Perceptions of Sub-Genre

I’ve been seeing a few comments lately about how books by women don’t get seen as belonging to certain sub-genres even though they appear to fit the criteria. N.K. Jemisin was asking yesterday why her latest series is not seen … Continue reading

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Trans History Is Not White

Yesterday Juliet Jacques had an article in the New Statesman about the supposed “debate” between radical feminists and trans women. (It is an interesting form of debate — the TERFs want us dead, and we just want them to leave … Continue reading

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The Leaky Trans Umbrella

It is hardly surprising that the outpouring of joy that was Trans Pride last weekend has been followed by a barrage of attacks on trans people by white feminists. What I have found interesting is the form that those attacks … Continue reading

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Introducing Transambassadors

When I was on my way to Brighton last week I was made aware of a new trans-related film project that sounds very interesting and positive. Here’s the story behind it. Jack (Jaakko Jaskari), a Finnish filmmaker, was in the … Continue reading

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Trans Pride on Shout Out Radio

The good folks at Shout Out Radio ran some more of my Trans Pride coverage on their show last night. Yesterday, in London, Fox & Lewis were at at Channel 4 for the launch of the Patchwork Project, a series … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: Comics, Bristol Pounds, Kids & Trans Pride

First up on today’s show was Lorenzo Etherington, the art half of Bristol’s highly successful comics creation scheme, the Etherington Brothers. Lorenzo and Robin work primarily on books for comics kids, but comics are comics no matter who they are … Continue reading

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More Trans Pride TV Coverage

Trans Pride has also been covered by The Latest, a Brighton-based community TV company. Their coverage is on YouTube and embedable so I can share it with you here. You may want to close your eyes for the first few … Continue reading

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Trans Pride on TV & Radio

The local ITV channel covered Trans Pride for their evening news broadcast. They’ve made the video available online, but sadly no embedable, so to watch it you’ll need to go here. You’ll be relieved to hear that I’m not visible … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 3

The only activities today were the beach picnic and the group swim. I had to leave before the swim took place, but I spent a few hours at the picnic and grabbed a few more bits of audio. The picnic … Continue reading

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SDCC Does Trans, Badly

San Diego ComicCon is taking place this weekend and has lots of reports from the event. Yesterday I was alerted to a post about a panel on trans themes in comics. This is, of course, something I know a … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 2 Revisited

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Brighton. I gather from Bethany Black that other parts of the country were actually hot (by which I mean over 30C), but here it was warm with a cool sea breeze. It was ideal … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 2

I should write a very long blog post, but it is gone midnight and checking the audio recordings is more important so I’m just going do describe the event thus: mostly awesome, with a side of sore feet and mild … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 1

Today I headed down to Brighton for their annual Trans Pride. The trains, thankfully, more or less behaved themselves, and I got a good chunk of Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon read. I’m loving it thus far. The only event today was … Continue reading

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