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How TERFs See Us

Mentioning that horrible Woman’s Hour program in my Radio 4 post reminded me that Sarah Brown came across some really weird stuff online recently. It is a sort of pop-psychology test designed to tell whether you are a trans woman … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Bristol – Enviroment & Race

My latest column for Bristol 24/7 is all about women in the environmental movement. In 2015 Bristol will be the European Green Capital, so you can expect to hear lots more green stuff from me through the year. This week’s … Continue reading

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Radio 4 Does Trans

You can’t move for falling over trans-related programming on Radio 4 at the moment. This is rather heartwarming after the appalling Women’s Hour program earlier this year that basically gave a notorious TERF an opportunity to spread lies about trans … Continue reading

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Voter Supression Update

This is a follow-up to my post from Monday about the new UK voter registration system that will force trans people to out themselves is they want to vote. Various people have taken an interest in this (thanks Talis), and … Continue reading

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So Much For Voting, Then…

With a General Election due up in May of next year it seemed likely that the current UK government would follow the example of parts of the USA and try to prevent people who might disapprove of it from voting. … Continue reading

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Less of the Freak Show, Please

It is fairly rare that I get absolutely furious with someone on Twitter, but if I do it is almost always with the LGBT History Month account (@LGBTHM). They have a poor track record of insensitive posts about trans people. … Continue reading

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What Exactly Constitutes a Terrorist Threat?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen me taking a renewed interest in the case of Monica Jones. She’s an American trans activist whose case I wrote about back in April. Recently Monica flew to Australia … Continue reading

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The TDOR Ceremony

Our TDOR Remembrance Ceremony took place last night. It was attended by 28 people, most of whom were trans, and at least three of whom were people of color. (I say “at least” because I don’t know how everyone identifies.) … Continue reading

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Flag in the Post

The raising of the trans flag at City Hall has made it into the Bristol Post (I’m guessing only the website, but if there is a paper version I’d love a copy). The caption for that photo is: “Bristol City … Continue reading

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TDOR in Progress in Bristol

Well that went very well. We had a large group of people at City Hall to witness the raising of the Transgender Flag. Many of them were trans. There were also lots of allies, including the Rainbow Group, the Council’s … Continue reading

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Trans Day of Remembrance 2014

While TDOR is still a very sad and solemn event, one of the benefits is that there is increasing media interest in it. That means slightly more favorable coverage of trans issues than we are used to. In yesterday’s Guardian … Continue reading

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Trans Awareness Interview

It being Trans Awareness Week, I figured this would be a good time to post the interview that I did on the Kizzy Morrell Show last month. It being live radio, it is not perfect. I’m particularly annoyed with myself … Continue reading

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Thanks, Sir Elton

As some of you will know, Sir Elton John founded a charity devoted to helping people with HIV/AIDS. They work primarily by granting money to other charities, to research projects and so on. Yesterday they announced a grant of $200,000 … Continue reading

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Trans Guys On Film

Today seems to be a day for films featuring trans people to turn up in my Twitter stream, so I thought I would pass them on. First up we have Ryan Kennedy and Hazel Edwards talking about their book, f2m: … Continue reading

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Holdfast Does Diversity (includes me)

Issue 4 of Holdfast Magazine went online today. This is a diversity special. It includes awesome stuff like an interview with Stephanie Saulter, an Afrofuturism playlist, a letter to Octavia Butler, and even a contribution from me. My article is … Continue reading

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Resurrection Code Resurrected

BristolCon starts tomorrow, and it seems only appropriate that I should have a new book out for the local convention. Of course it’s not paper, but hey, it is a great book. Resurrection Code is a prequel of sorts to … Continue reading

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I ♥ @JanetMock

Today the Tangled Roots writing workshop that I featured on my radio show is happening in Bristol. I won’t be there, partly because I am way too busy, and partly because my experience of mixed cultures is insignificant compared to … Continue reading

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On My Art Want List

Yesterday my colleagues at Out Stories Bristol hosted a superb talk by Frank Vigon on the subject of the unjustly forgotten Pre-Raphaelite artist, Simeon Solomon. Solomon was Jewish, and therefore at a huge disadvantage to start with in Victorian society. … Continue reading

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Kizzy & I Talk Trans for #SpiritDay

I was delighted to be able to mark Spirit Day by appearing as a guest on Kizzy Morrell’s show on Ujima talking about trans issues. Kizzy kindly let me do pretty much a trans 101. It wasn’t quite as slick … Continue reading

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Some Kickstarter Recommendations

Because I’ve been distracted for the past few months I have not been keeping up to date with the various crowdfunding projects going on. I want to remedy that now. Here are three that I think are worth backing. First … Continue reading

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