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Introducing Nomi Marks

Represent! And dear Goddess I miss San Francisco…

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LGBT History Festival Comes to Bristol

This year the UK ran it’s first ever National Festival of LGBT History in Manchester. It was very successful, and there are plans afoot to hold one again in 2016. However, holding it in just one city limits the number … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Crowdfunding

A couple of days ago I saw a tweet from Neil Gaiman promoting a crowdfunding campaign for a play about trans people. I went and had a look at the campaign page and sent back a concerned tweet to Neil. … Continue reading

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Hello Brighton, Coming Your Way

I’m delighted to report that I’ve been selected to present a paper at Trans Studies Now, an academic conference taking place at the University of Sussex on June 12th. Roz Kaveney and Lewis Hancox are keynote speakers, so I’m in … Continue reading

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Flying the Trans Flag

This morning I was up early and off into Bristol again. I’m not good in the mornings, but this was important. I’d been invited to a meeting of social support agencies in Bristol — people who work with the homeless, … Continue reading

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Thank You, Exeter Pride

Well that was a lovely day out. This year’s Exeter Pride took place in Rougemont Gardens, which is a lovely little venue right in the center of the city, and once the inside of a Norman castle. The weather was … Continue reading

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Trans Rights In Europe

Transgender Europe has just issued this map showing the state of trans rights across Europe. The color key is brown for no legal recognition, red for sterilization required for legal recognition, and blue for it not being required. A full … Continue reading

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I Interview Roz Kaveney for Lambda Literary

You all know that Roz Kaveney has a new novel out, right? Tiny Pieces of Skull is not fantasy. It is a fictionalized memoir based on Roz’s time as a young trans sex worker in Chicago in the 1970s. It … Continue reading

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Trans History Goes To Exeter Pride

I’m delighted to announce that I am taking my trans history talk on the road again. Exeter Pride takes place on Saturday, May 16th. As part of it I will be giving my talk at Exeter Library between 15:30 and … Continue reading

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A Little Hero Worship

Yeah, that’s Janet Mock, talking to Oprah. Janet is an amazing advocate for trans people. I particularly like the way she acknowledges the privilege that her looks, and her binary identification, give her, and then comes back for everyone else. … Continue reading

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In Which I Am A Responsible Adult

I guess that in most people’s lives there aren’t many opportunities to do something important. Some of us have serious platforms from which to effect change, others have jobs that involve saving lives, but for most of us the things … Continue reading

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April Gets a Birthday Present

As I reported on Wednesday, trans icon April Ashley has just turned 80. A splendid innings, my dear, if I might say so. Well actually I did send her a message. More of that in a little while. First up … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, April! #April80

80 years old today and still as glamorous as ever. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, and congratulations on being made a Citizen of Honour of Liverpool.

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Queer Vision Launch

Bristol’s new year-round LGBT film festival, Queer Vision, launched yesterday with a bunch of great short films from the Iris Prize archives. I really enjoyed the whole hour’s program, which ranged from the deeply tragic to the delightfully comic. The … Continue reading

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Trans Kids Wrap-Up

The media onslaught on the trans kids issue continued for a few days after my last post on the subject. I had intended to say more about it at the time, but other things got in the way. I’m coming … Continue reading

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Blade Runner – Flash Fiction

In the future, in a world not unlike The Culture, gender transitions are absolute. Biological science has advanced to the point at which they can re-program your entire body, even editing your chromosomes. Of course you do still want to … Continue reading

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Exploring Gender Fluidity through Science Fiction and Fantasy

This talk is full of spoilers for the various books that are discussed. The audio track is a bit quiet, but I’m playing it through speakers and it is clear enough. My thanks again to the University of Liverpool, Professor … Continue reading

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A Report On My Trans History Talk

Many thanks to Katie Herring for this lovely write-up of my “Potted History of Gender Variance” talk. It is always heartwarming when people enjoy something you have done. Chupchikoni the trans-male penguin is probably my favorite character from the talk … Continue reading

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And Now Radio 4 Does Trans Kids

Yesterday afternoon BBC Radio 4’s PM program ran a short segment on trans kids. It is available on iPlayer, and the trans coverage is about 22 minutes in. Once again the program seems fairly positive on the surface, but is … Continue reading

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How Not To Do Trans Kids on TV

This morning BBC2’s brand new daytime magazine show, hosted by Victoria Derbyshire, led off with a feature on trans kids. There were some very good things about it, but also some really bad stuff. I’m not entirely sure who to … Continue reading

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