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Living Without Privilege

We hear a lot about privilege these days. It seems that everyone want to prove that other people have more privilege than they do. David Cameron thinks that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, while men’s rights … Continue reading

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Remembering The Missing

One of the things I always make a point of emphasizing when I host a Trans Day of Remembrance ceremony is that while the statistics we have represent actual killings, we have no idea how many trans people take their … Continue reading

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Origins of Feminist Transphobia

I thought that for Trans Day of Visibility I should talk a bit about why some older feminists hate trans people with such passion. Many of my younger feminist friends are very confused by this. Of course I am not … Continue reading

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Janet Mock at Google

I should probably do a bit more trans stuff than usual here as there is supposedly an International Trans Day of Visibility on March 31st. Thankfully, rather than have to write anything myself, I can always rely on Janet Mock … Continue reading

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Drowning in Aether

The cover art for CN Lester’s new album, Aether, shows CN underwater in various ways. The symbolism is apt. Aether is one of those albums where you want to turn all the lights off and just let the music wash … Continue reading

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Now Hear This

CN Lester’s new album, Aether, launches tomorrow in London. CN has issued one track for free as a taster. You are probably all familiar with Billy Idol’s song, “White Wedding”, but you have never heard it anything like this. Promote … Continue reading

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A Mad, Mad World

Last night much of my Twitter feed was full of people (mostly gay men) discussing Channel 4′s expose of reparative therapy treatments (otherwise known as “gay cures”). A few people had horror stories to tell about aversion therapy, a form … Continue reading

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NHS: Some Good & Some Bad

Yesterday, amongst many other things, I gave a trans awareness talk at a Bristol hospital. It was part of the events arranged by the Bristol North NHS Trust to celebrate LGBT History Month. Attendance was voluntary, so I got a … Continue reading

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Oh Japan! – Boys In Skirts

Several people were disappointed when I said I was not including any anime or manga in my talk on LGBT superheroes. My position has always been that I simply don’t understand Japanese culture well enough to make critical judgements about … Continue reading

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How To Interview A Trans Woman #GirlsLikeUs

Last week you may have seen quite a lot of angry tweetage about Piers Morgan’s disrespectful ambushing of Janet Mock on his chat show. Morgan will doubtless claim that prurient sensationalism is the only way that trans issues can be … Continue reading

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Further Destruction of SF at For Books’ Sake

So I got asked to write something about women in SF for the For Books’ Sake website. I may have ranted a bit. You can read that here. And while you are at their website, please do check out the … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan’s School For Gifted Pundits

On the margins of society there exists a little-known group known as cisgender people. Despite making up a mere 99% of the population, these unfortunates are continually subject to insults, discrimination, and to violent bullying on social media sites such … Continue reading

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Girls Like Us On Film

For those of you who are interested, here are some interesting video clips of trans people. First up is Laura Kate Dale, a very impressive young trans journalist. She has coped very well with an awful lot of unpleasant public … Continue reading

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Book Review: Redefining Realness by Janet Mock

This is something of a departure for me, because this book is not science fiction or fantasy, it is a trans autobiography. While that may not be of interest to many of you, it is a really good book. I … Continue reading

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Let’s Help Make Great Music

If there are upsides to being part of a despised minority group, one of them has to be the ability to meet talented young people who would be far beyond your social circle, were they not also part of your … Continue reading

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What The Heck Is A Spousal Veto?

With LGBT History Month coming up, people are taking an interest in LGBT politics again, and I have been asked to explain this weird “Spousal Veto” thing that trans people keep yelling about. Well, it is a strange piece of … Continue reading

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Some Words from Brighton

The latest episode of Claire Parker’s Time 4 T radio show is now available as a podcast. It includes a segment featuring Brighton-based poet, Alice Denny, and a lengthy interview with a trans woman who financed her surgery by working … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Dr. V. Story

Trans journalist, Jane Fae has been busy following up on the story of Dr. V., the trans woman whose suicide was made the focal point of a purported expose of her life by Caleb Hannan in Grantland. I know I … Continue reading

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A Paper For Loncon 3

I am delighted to be able to announce that I will be presenting a paper at the academic conference at the Worldcon in London this August. Here’s the abstract. Trans-cending the Comics Code While gender bending is a regular feature … Continue reading

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Transphobia Is So Profitable

When Julie Burchill’s nasty rant about trans people in The Guardian last year caused a huge backlash, the paper withdrew it from their website. The Daily Telegraph couldn’t wait to re-publish it. Because, you know, being vile about trans people … Continue reading

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