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Today on Ujima – Dinosaurs, Afrofuturism, Psychology & Feminism

It was radio day again today. I think I had a great bunch of guests on Women’s Outlook. Hopefully you do too. We began with DB Redfern from the Bristol Museums Service telling us all about the fabulous new dinosaur … Continue reading

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Accidental Birds of Prey

On my way home from Hay I chanced upon some signs directing me to the International Centre for Birds of Prey. Well, you have to stop, don’t you. And I’m delighted that I did. There was no wedgie, of course, … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Babies

One of the things that came up on the show today was this news story involving Prof. Mike Benton, a palaeontologist from the University of Bristol. Up until now it was thought that all dinosaurs laid eggs, but a new … Continue reading

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Happy Equinox!

I have been so busy today that I almost forgot. However, Liz Williams had this beautiful image on Facebook and I couldn’t help but swipe it. And for those of you who saw this when I first posted it, yes, … Continue reading

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Parthenogenesis – How It Is Done

Yesterday I posted a a story about one of the classic themes of biological SF – regenerative medicine. However, there is one area of SF that sees quite a different aspect of biology as more important. Feminist SF has for … Continue reading

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Queen of the Jungle

This is Mmamoriri. She’s a rather unusual lioness. As you can see, not only does she have a full mane, but it is quite dark which is indicative of high testosterone levels, even for a male lion. The media has … Continue reading

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Cats 1 – 0 Sharks

That is one badass bobcat. Full story at National Geographic.

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Come Back, Brontosaurus, All Is Forgiven

Five-year-old me is so very happy.

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Karen Joy Fowler & Cats

This past weekend the Cheltenham Festival of Literature had a panel featuring the finalists for the Booker Prize. As you should know, Karen Joy Fowler is one of those writers, and on her way to Cheltenham she stopped off to … Continue reading

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Today we traveled back to Helsinki from Jyväskylä. As usual, my Finnish friends insisted on showing me some of the best parts of their beautiful country. The day began with breakfast with Irma at a cafe on a place called … Continue reading

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More Mad Gender Biology

Via Gio Clairval on Twitter I found this article from Cosmos magazine. It is primarily about the way in which the function of the Y chromosome has evolved in mammals. From my point of view, the most startling thing about … Continue reading

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Psychology, Animals and the Evolution of Patriarchy

Karen Joy Fowler was in Bristol last night promoting her latest novel, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, which has just launched in the UK. As ever, Karen had a lot of interesting things to say, and consequently my thoughts … Continue reading

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Toronto Wrap

Image from Wikimedia Commons, see here for usage rights While I am absolutely delighted to have been able to get into Canada, and plan to go back again soon, I have also been forcibly reminded that I do not cope … Continue reading

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Half Boy, Half Girl

This is a Northern Cardinal. As US readers will know, while the male is bright red, the female is much less gaudy. (See Wikipedia for pictures). So what’s up with this particular bird? It is half boy, half girl, split … Continue reading

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Bristol’s Got Tentacles

The Pacific Giant Octopus has arrived at Bristol Aquarium, and it isn’t taking any prisoners. Image copyright Justin Dowling. For more information on this amazing creature, and the fabulous art that Justin Dowling has created for the Aquarium, see Deep … Continue reading

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The Kraken Lives

Thanks to Alex from Galactic Suburbia I have seen a TED talk by Edith Widder, who has the sort of job I envisaged having when I started my degree all those years ago. I mean, filming giant squid in the … Continue reading

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Nature, It’s “Not Natural”

With the marriage equality debate going through Parliament in the UK (and France) right now we are hearing a lot of people complain that certain practices are “not natural”. I’m sure you all know by now that there are loads … Continue reading

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Archaeopteryx Upstaged?

When I was a kid it was an article of scientific fact that Archaeopteryx was the first bird-like creature known to man. Scientific knowledge, however, never stands still. Our understanding of the relationship between dinosaurs and birds continues to evolve, … Continue reading

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Squid On Film

A Discovery Channel press release brings the exciting news of the first ever live film of the Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux, in its natural habitat. A program featuring the film is due to be broadcast (presumably in the US first) … Continue reading

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Swans and Trains and Otters

Most of today has been spent touring around South Devon. First we stopped off in Dawlish to take in the true extent of Brunel’s craziness in building a major railway line along the sea shore, and meet the famous flock … Continue reading

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