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Reviewers Wanted

I’ve had two requests today from people who are looking for book reviewers, so I am passing them on. First up is a new venture called Shoreline of Infinity. It is a new magazine based in Scotland. They plan to … Continue reading

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Magnificently Missing the Point on VIDA

The LA Review of Books has an interesting article by Katherine Angel on the subject of gender in literature. Much of it is about the whole VIDA count issue and the various excuses that publications such the the London Review … Continue reading

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Relative Reviewing

Yesterday Strange Horizons posted a number of articles on the subject of “Reviewing the Other”. The lead piece is this one by Nisi Shawl. I suspect that a lot of reviewers will skim or skip it on the assumption that … Continue reading

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More Visibility Numbers

Over at Neth Space there’s a bit more information on the question of who gets reviewed. Neth gets sent books to review, and for the last 6 months those broke down as 70% books by men, 30% by women. For … Continue reading

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Bristol Women’s Literature Festival #BWLF

On Saturday I popped over to Bristol to catch part of the inaugural Bristol Women’s Literature Festival. I was dipping my toe into this, partly because Literature Festivals have a habit of not wanting any of those icky science fiction … Continue reading

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VIDA Follow-Up

I was reminded by a conversation on Facebook triggered by my earlier post today that there is a big positive feedback loop operating here. If the only books people hear being talked about are books by men, then those are … Continue reading

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VIDA-Style Numbers For Us

As with last year, the LadyBusiness blog has produced a VIDA-like analysis of reviewing in the SF&F community. The post is here. The numbers are not surprising. It is a valuable service they are providing, though doubtless depressing to actually … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts for Authors

I have a lot of catch-up to do after two days away, but I’d like to start with a couple of thoughts for authors. The first was prompted by meeting up with my friend Jon Turney in London. Jon, as … Continue reading

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Book Review – Seraphina

If you happened to be watching my Twitter feed last week you will have noticed some discussion between Aliette de Bodard, Rachel Swirsky and myself regarding Rachel Hartman’s novel, Seraphina. I managed to find some time yesterday to write some … Continue reading

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In Praise of Net Galley

In this week’s Coode Street the boys talk about the burgeoning phenomenon of eARCs. Given what we know of the B Ark, I’m not sure of the terminology, but unlike Jonathan I like them a lot. You see, if you … Continue reading

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Who Reviews What? – 2013 Edition

Ros Jackson of Warpcore SF has emailed me regarding the 2013 update of her very useful “Who Reviews What?” list. You can find it here. This year, at my request, Ros has included “anthologies” in the list of categories, which … Continue reading

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Review Policy

I’ve seen a significant upturn in requests for book reviews of late. I have no idea why. I review very little, and a review here is probably worth no more than one or two sales, but I keep getting requests … Continue reading

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Requests for Publicity

I have been meaning for some time to post a proper review policy on this blog (which would basically say, “No, I will not review your book, don’t waste your time asking.”). The main reason I haven’t done so is … Continue reading

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Who Reviews What – A Guide

Ros Jackson of Warpcore SF has compiled a useful guide listing which book bloggers review which types of book. Speaking as a publisher, I find this an excellent innovation. If I have a new book I am trying to get … Continue reading

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Out Bristol Magazine

Our local LGBT magazine, Out Bristol, runs book reviews, so I have given them one (for Heiresses of Russ 2011). Don’t expect anything in depth — most of the audience won’t be SF&F readers — but with any luck I’ll … Continue reading

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Some Linkage

There was no bloggery yesterday as I was in London all day. That may turn into a project of some sort, but I won’t know for a while. Now I’m catching up. Here are a few stories of interest. Locus … Continue reading

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Making Progress

It has been a bit quiet here today because I have been busy working on a new website for the bookstore. I’m quite pleased with what I have thus far. I also have a deadline, because Juliet’s book is due … Continue reading

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Invisibility Watch

It being International Women’s Day (and before anyone whines, International Men’s Day does exist — it is in November), here’s a brief visibility update. Most of you will probably have seen VIDA’s report on the visibility (or lack thereof) of … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Nominate Me

No, this is nothing to do with the Hugos. The Guardian is reporting the creation of a new literary prize especially for reviewers. It is to be called the Hatchet Job of the Year. And someone thinks that this is … Continue reading

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It has been a busy day here, full of minor annoyances, so I’ve not had time to write anything much. However, I would like to give a quick shout out to a couple of people who have done good things … Continue reading

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