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Cultural Difference (Stereotyping)

The Adelaide Oval cricket ground has built some large new stands recently. When the test match took place there last year the English commentators on Sky and the BBC were in full flow whingeing about how the look of the … Continue reading

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A Melbourne Mystery

The Ashes resumed today in one of the world’s great sporting events: the Boxing Day Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Tens of thousands of holidaying Aussies had packed into the famous ground to see the old enemy ground into … Continue reading

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Holiday Gifts 2: Aussie Photos

It being very cold here, I have been spending some time reviewing pictures of the vacation that Kevin and I took in Northern Queensland after Worldcon. As many of you are also in the middle of winter, I thought I … Continue reading

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The Dress

The very wonderful Daniel Spector has come through with a photo that shows off my Hugo dress rather well. (Don’t ask what I’m doing with the rocket.)

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Award Ceremony Video

Kevin is doing a good job in looking after the Hugo Awards web site now that I’m banned from updating it. He has got the video he took of the Aussiecon 4 Hugo Award Ceremony posted to the site. It … Continue reading

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A Happy Border Crossing Story

Peter Watts reports that his experiences with Australian border guards were very pleasant. Also there are some rather nice photos, including the “Squid Overlords” t-shirt.

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More Shuttle Weirdness

You may remember that Kevin and I were very unhappy with the airport shuttle in Melbourne. Sadly Sydney was no better. Kevin had a very early morning flight to Melbourne to connect up with his international flight. He was booked … Continue reading

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My Terrorist Resume Expands

As most of you will know, I am already persona on grata in the USA, and regarded with deep suspicion in New Zealand. Now, for entirely different reasons, I have managed to upset the security services in Australia. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Playing Tourist

Friday was spent looking around Carins, and flying down to Sydney. Saturday was spent walking around Sydney. Kevin and I have been very touristy. Here are a few highlights. The Golden Century in Sydney is still my favorite Chinese restaurant … Continue reading

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Gone Fishing

Today Kevin and I were up before dawn (and before the fruit bats went to bed) to catch a boat out to the Barrier Reef. It was along and very tiring day,but absolutely worth it as far as we are … Continue reading

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A Day in the Rainforest

Today Kevin and I took the train up to Kuranda, a village in the rainforest in the mountains above Cairns. We have ridden on one of the world’s great scenic railways, communed with fruit bats, eaten kangaroo pie, found a … Continue reading

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Worldcon, Day 1

Can I be exhausted already? Thank you! It has been a good day thus far. My panel on trans characters in YA fiction went very well. Lots of people have said nice things about the iPad edition of Salon Futura, … Continue reading

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Arriving in Melbourne #aus4

I am typing this blog post from my room in the Melbourne airport Hilton, looking out at the International Terminal. I spent a little time this morning wandering around checking things out. Here are some things you may find useful. … Continue reading

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Best Fannish Cat Nominees Announced

As you may recall, this year’s Ditmar Awards have a special category for Best Fannish Cat. I’m still a bit peeved that the rules required Australian residency, so I wasn’t eligible, but the nominees have just been announced and I … Continue reading

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Australia Travel Update

With only a week or two (depending on your travel plans) to go before people start leaving for Melbourne, questions are being asked. Yesterday Jay Lake inquired about mobile phone rental, as a result of which I discovered that the … Continue reading

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The South Pacific Tour

A few people have been asking me when I will be where on my tour of the South Pacific. I don’t have final panel schedules as yet, but here is a rough guide. From August 27th-29th I will be in … Continue reading

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At Least Someone Wants Me

Today I applied for, and was granted, an electronic visitor visa for Australia. I can now book flights to Worldcon. This is a great relief to me. It does remind me, however, that pretty much everyone traveling to Australia for … Continue reading

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Dudcon III Web Site Live

The 2010 Australian Natcon, which exists, friendly-flea-like, upon the back of the ravenous beast that is Aussiecon 4, now has its very own web site. If you would like to find out how you, yes you!, could be Guest of … Continue reading

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Diversity Linkage

We are off around the world. – Justine Larbalestier has guest post by a writer who is an Australian Aboriginal. – Joe Gordon notes that the fabulous comic creator, Asia Alfasi, along with the equally talented Daryl Cunningham, is being … Continue reading

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A Little Melbourne Pride

So the planned protest march took place in Melbourne, and Amanda was there to give support. She made it into The Age as a result. You can read the article here. I just want to draw attention to this comment … Continue reading

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