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The Dangers Of Traveling While Trans

Every time I have to pass through a border control post into another country, I worry about what is going to happen to me. Most of you probably think that’s daft, but I invite you to consider what is happening … Continue reading

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Further Destruction of SF at For Books’ Sake

So I got asked to write something about women in SF for the For Books’ Sake website. I may have ranted a bit. You can read that here. And while you are at their website, please do check out the … Continue reading

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Join #TeamSquid Now!

Yes, it is another one of those anthologies. Women Destroy Lovecraft? Actually I think Howard had quite enough difficulty with women when he was alive. Women Destroy the Cthulhu Mythos, perhaps. Anyway: women, tentacles, what’s not to like? Go back … Continue reading

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In Which I Destroy Science Fiction

Well, I try anyway. I suspect that I destroyed it for Dave Truesdale many years ago, but that’s another story. As you probably all know by now, Lightspeed has a Kickstarter campaign going that was initially intended to fund a … Continue reading

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Saint Panti

If you follow anyone living in Ireland on Twitter you may have seen the hashtag #TeamPanti and wondered what it was all about. Well, here comes the explanation, courtesy of the most fabulous Panti Bliss herself. As Panti says right … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – LGBT History Month Part I

Today’s show started out slightly chaotically because our regular engineer, Seth, wasn’t available, and Paulette had to cover running the desk. We got there in the end, but there was a bit of mild panic in the process. My guest … Continue reading

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What The Heck Is A Spousal Veto?

With LGBT History Month coming up, people are taking an interest in LGBT politics again, and I have been asked to explain this weird “Spousal Veto” thing that trans people keep yelling about. Well, it is a strange piece of … Continue reading

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Research Squee

One of the interesting things about researching my LGBT superheroes talk is how the comics companies seem to be much more relaxed about addressing LGBT themes in comics aimed at a teen audience. Marvel are particularly good, with titles like … Continue reading

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On Gender-Swapped Gaming

Foz Meadows has a brilliant post up today abut the phenomenon of people who play gender-swapped characters in online games. Famously, on the Internet, no one knows that you are really a dog. Cross-species play is perhaps rare, but cross-gender … Continue reading

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You Can Help Destroy Science Fiction!

Lightspeed magazine has had so much interest in their forthcoming Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue that they are running a Kickstarter campaign to allow them to buy more stories and print a double-sized issue. They’ll be doing a trade … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Portland Café

Ujima is running a number of staff training days this month and one of mine overlapped with today’s show. Paulette has a big crew so having me out for most of the show is no problem. I’m a bit sad … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Kameron Hurley

Kameron Hurley has produced a couple of great posts this week, which I’d like to draw your attention to. Please note that this is not (yet) award-related as we are now in 2014 so the posts are not eligible for … Continue reading

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My History Month Talk – LGBT Superheroes

This has been announced on Facebook, so I guess it is OK to mirror it here. Anyone old enough to remember the Adam West Batman TV series will know that it would be hard to imagine anything more camp. And … Continue reading

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Long Hidden ToC & Cover

Rose Fox and Daniel José Older have announced the Table of Contents for the Long Hidden anthology. You can see it here. The cover above is by Julie Dillon. I’m really looking forward to this one.

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Today On Ujima: Books & Booze

Well, that was back into harness with a bang. Today was all me all the time on Women’s Outlook. The first hour was all about books we had read over the holiday period. Several of the team were in on … Continue reading

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The Great Firewall of Britain: Assistance Requested

Every since the Internet started, I have been worried that big business and government would try to take control of it away from ordinary individuals, to the detriment of small businesses and minorities. It has taken a while, but that … Continue reading

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Good Show, Paris

While I was out hosting BristolCon Fringe last night, Radio 1 was airing a rare documentary. The primary subject was Laura Jane Grace, the lead singer of the punk rock band, Against Me, and one of the more famous trans … Continue reading

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Ladies: Destroy Science Fiction Now!

Yes girls, it is time to load up on the cooties and sally forth to terrorize those legions of 50-year-old adolescent boys who cannot bear to see their beloved genre polluted by things feminine. Lightspeed magazine is preparing a girls-only … Continue reading

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Books for Trans Girls

Last Thursday my friends at Shout Out did a great segment with author B.J. Epstein about her new book, Are the Kids All Right? Representations of LGBTQ Characters in Children’s and Young Adult Literature (which is sadly not available as … Continue reading

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Violence – It Affects All Women

A couple of things irritated me greatly during the Trans Day of Remembrance. Firstly we had supposed feminists telling trans women to quit all the depressing stuff about people being murdered. Like, who cares, right? And even if they did … Continue reading

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