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Becca Lloyd, M.P. Wright, Outset & Bristol Pride

Yesterday’s radio all went very smoothly, thanks in no small part to Seth, my engineer, being available again. It is so much easier presenting the show if you don’t have to be constantly thinking about running the desk as well. … Continue reading

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Liverpool Coverage Elsewhere

This isn’t new material. All of the interviews I have from the Unstraight Conference in Liverpool are on the podcast. However, a few people have kindly asked to use parts of that material elsewhere. First up, Mary Milton took an … Continue reading

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Man Trouble

While I was out and about in Bristol yesterday, my Twitter feed was buzzing with comment from outraged women. There were two main issues. The first one is that Dave Truesdale has gone and put his foot in his mouth … Continue reading

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Women, Art & Invisibility

Over the last few days I have watched a 3-part series on BBC4 called The Story of Women and Art. Structurally it follows a pattern dating all the way back to Kenneth Clark’s classic Civilisation: an academic with a mildly … Continue reading

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Destruction Completed

I have a small part in the splendid publication. Please don’t let that put you off. If you didn’t support the Kickstarter campaign, you can now purchase Women Destroy Science Fiction here. Contributors include: Seanan McGuire, N. K. Jemisin, Mary … Continue reading

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Yeah, THIS!

You go, girl! Mind you, that is America. In the UK prominent white feminists are busy crowing over how driving a trans woman to a nervous breakdown was a moral duty, and complaining that her writing about what happened is … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima – Friends, Radio & Museums

The studio was a bit busy yesterday because we were hosting the first ever live show by @FemFMFutures, a group of young girls who had been through a training course aimed at boosting the number of women in radio. They … Continue reading

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The Invisible Women of Pop Art

While you lot were all watching Eurovision, I was watching a very different sort of pop. BBC2′s Culture Show was running a special about the women who were prominent in the Pop Art movement back in the 1960s. It is … Continue reading

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Conchita and the Evolution of “Transgender”

I didn’t watch Eurovision last night, though it was very obvious from my Twitter feed that many of you lot did. I was, of course, very happy to see Conchita Wurst win, given the threats by various countries to black … Continue reading

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Thank You, Judith Butler

Much of Butler’s work on gender is very densely-written and difficult to follow. This, however, is a very clear statement of support for trans people, and a denunciation of the mis-use of her work as the basis for TERF-ism.

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Living Without Privilege

We hear a lot about privilege these days. It seems that everyone want to prove that other people have more privilege than they do. David Cameron thinks that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, while men’s rights … Continue reading

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Today On Ujima: Er, Everything!

Well that was a bit mad. Today we had a very busy show. We started off with some ladies talking about fostering and adoption services in Bristol. Apparently there is a major shortage of families willing to foster or adopt … Continue reading

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First Avenger – Hollywood Wimps Out

Yesterday I finally got around to watching Captain America: The First Avenger. I know I’m quite late to this, but Cap has never been a favorite character of mine, and I’m not very interested in WWII stories. I finally picked … Continue reading

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Ujima: Anansi, Maroons, Health, Poetry

Yesterday’s show on Ujima was a bit scary. Paulette had asked me to host the entire show as she was expecting to be on course. As it turned out, she was around, but I did the whole show anyway despite … Continue reading

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Origins of Feminist Transphobia

I thought that for Trans Day of Visibility I should talk a bit about why some older feminists hate trans people with such passion. Many of my younger feminist friends are very confused by this. Of course I am not … Continue reading

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New From Aqueduct

Aqueduct Press has sent me three new books for sale. As always with Aqueduct, these look very interesting. Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories by Rebecca Ore is a collection of feminist SF stories that examines what it means to be … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: Media Diversity & Airships

I’m delighted to report that the Women’s Outlook show has been back on air today. That was a great relief to all concerned. Today’s show was mainly about media diversity issues. That was specifically with respect to women, but we … Continue reading

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Galactic Suburbia Award

A new episode of Galactic Suburbia went live yesterday. It contained the results of this year’s Galactic Suburbia Award “for activism and/or communication that advances the feminist conversation in the field of speculative fiction.” I was delighted to see that … Continue reading

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Psychology, Animals and the Evolution of Patriarchy

Karen Joy Fowler was in Bristol last night promoting her latest novel, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, which has just launched in the UK. As ever, Karen had a lot of interesting things to say, and consequently my thoughts … Continue reading

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A Mad, Mad World

Last night much of my Twitter feed was full of people (mostly gay men) discussing Channel 4′s expose of reparative therapy treatments (otherwise known as “gay cures”). A few people had horror stories to tell about aversion therapy, a form … Continue reading

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