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Holdfast Anthology Launch

Tomorrow night in London the lovely people from Holdfast Magazine will be launching their first print anthology. The event will be at the College Arms in Store Street, not far from the British Museum. Details here. According to Facebook some … Continue reading

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New B247 Column: The Bristol Pledge

My latest column for Bristol 24/7 is now online. It is all about the zero tolerance for gender-based violence pledge that Bristol announced for International Women’s Day. You can find the article here.

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Suffragettes Forever!

That’s not just a rallying cry, it is the title of a three-part documentary series on BBC2 fronted by Amanda Vickery. It is a great piece of history, because it reminds us that while the nature of liberation struggles might … Continue reading

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Inspiring Women

Amelia Maltepe, Andreja Pejic, April Ashley, Bethany Black, Caitlín R Kiernan, Carmen Carrera, Caroline Cosset, Charlese Saballe, Charlie Jane Anders, Christine Jorgensen, Christine Burns, Claire Parker, Dana International, Fallon Fox, Geena Rocero, Isis King, Jackie Green, Jaime Clayton, Janet Mock, … Continue reading

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Justina on Women and SF

Justina Robson’s new novel, The Glorious Angels, is due out on the 19th (and if you live in the UK you can pre-order the Kindle edition for just £1.99). As part of the PR campaign, Justina has an article in … Continue reading

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Bristol Takes The Pledge

I spent much of today in Bristol at an International Women’s Day event in the M-Shed. It was organized by Bristol Women’s Voice and seemed to have been a great success. My congratulations to Sian Webb and her team. From … Continue reading

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Thoughts For International Woman’s Day

Technically IWD is not until tomorrow, but just about everyone is doing their thing today instead, if only because of the transport problems on Sundays. I’m grateful for that, because getting to Bristol on a Sunday is not easy. Of … Continue reading

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Brief UBU Follow-Up

There’s a point I made at the debate at UBU last night that I’d like to spread a bit wider. When I was talking about lack of inclusion of PoC in LGBT activism, I tried this little test on the … Continue reading

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On the Future of the LGBT+ Movement

Last night I was honored to be asked to be part of a panel at Bristol University Students’ Union (UBU) that was discussing the question: “What Next for the LGBT+ Movement Following the Passing of the Same Sex Marriage Act?”. … Continue reading

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Safe Spaces

As a general rule I think that comparing the oppression that one minority group gets to that another minority group gets is a bad idea. I get very irritated by people who, when on the receiving end of prejudice, go … Continue reading

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Pattern Reproduction

This morning I saw this fine tweet on the excellent Media Diversified feed. Notice how often people of colour aren't allowed to define what's racist? Or what offends? Jus sayin (SS) — Media Diversified (@WritersofColour) February 24, 2015 It … Continue reading

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Some Basic Points

Elsewhere I am still seeing people concern-trolling about how unfairly the poor TERFS are being treated by the horrid trans people. Why, people keep asking, are trans folk not prepared to debate important issues? Well, here are a few things … Continue reading

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Science! It Is Getting Everywhere

While I was having a go at the New Statesman over their lack of understanding of biology, people with far more knowledge of the subject than me were also beavering away on articles. You have probably already seen this article … Continue reading

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A Cable Round Table

A while back I participated in a round table discussion on the subject of violence against women for the local newspaper, The Bristol Cable. The results of that have finally gone online (and I understand that there is something in … Continue reading

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Yeah, This

Brianna Wu made a couple of tweets yesterday that I through were particularly good, so I’m going to reproduce them here. If a woman promotes her game, she's begging. If she mentions her accomplishments she's a narcissist. If she wins, … Continue reading

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February Schedule

It is LGBT History Month, so I’ll be rather busy. On the off-chance that some of you might be daft enough to want to attend one of my talks, of just catch up, here’s where you can find me. Saturday … Continue reading

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The Wheels of Government Turn

This afternoon I headed into Bristol for this event, billed at “Government’s Women’s Engagement Event for Lesbian, Bisexual & Trans* Women In the South West”. It was part of a government initiative to gauge the views of the nation’s women … Continue reading

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In Which I Destroy Feminist Science Fiction

I have been boring you on Twitter for days now about the Queers Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter, but I’m going to mention it again because I can reveal that I have a part in it. You may remember that last … Continue reading

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It’s Destroyin’ Time

Here I am channeling my internal Ben Grimm. Or possibly my internal Drax. Whatever, it is time to destroy science fiction again. This time we are doing it with glitter. Yes, as you may have noticed from Twitter, the Queers … Continue reading

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The Representation Project

Much of the conversation in the round table last night revolved around how solving issues such as rape and harassment will require us to tackle deep-seated problems with the way human society works. This has to start young, and it … Continue reading

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