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Gwen: 1930-2014

My mum, girl scientist. (Photo from the early 1950s, I think.)

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Ridding the World of Girl Cooties #BalanceTheBooks

I have said many times that the only way to put an end to the under-appreciation of female writers is to start in school. If children are brought up to believe that only male writers are important, and in particular … Continue reading

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Janet Mock on Feminism

I’d like to draw your attention to this essay by Janet Mock on the subject of claiming her place in feminism. As a androphilic trans woman of color and former sex worker, Janet is four times excluded from the sort … Continue reading

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Rainbow Jews Crowdfunder

My friend Surat Knan is running a crowdfunding campaign to help support their Rainbow Jews project. If you have any interest in LGBT history, and in particular if you do so and are Jewish, you may want to support this … Continue reading

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Eurocon – Invisible Women

My first panel today (at 10:00am! — huge thanks to Laura Ann Gilman for fetching me coffee) was on invisible women. We covered most of the usual topics that regular readers have doubtless seen here many times before. I was … Continue reading

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Trans Pride Podcasts

The last of the broadcast material from my Trans Pride coverage aired last Thursday so I am free to podcast the full, unedited version. This has the full interviews with Fox & Lewis, with Nicole Gibson, and with Bethany Black. … Continue reading

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The Trans Stuff at Worldcon

Today there was an academic program section that included a paper on trans characters in science fiction. It was given by Paul Ballard, and I went along to see what he had to say. I was completely floored when he … Continue reading

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Worldcon – Day 0

I headed to London straight from the studio to be in time to catch up with Rina & Jacob from Tachyon Publications, and Rani Graff from Israel, for dinner. There was a party at Rina & Jacob’s apartment last night, … Continue reading

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On Depression and Suicide

The desperately sad news about Robin Williams today has resulted in a flood of comment on social media. Much of it, inevitably, is foul. Much more, however, is well intentioned but simplistic. Depression, like so many things in life, is … Continue reading

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Perceptions of Sub-Genre

I’ve been seeing a few comments lately about how books by women don’t get seen as belonging to certain sub-genres even though they appear to fit the criteria. N.K. Jemisin was asking yesterday why her latest series is not seen … Continue reading

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Kathryn Allan – Accessing the Future

Yesterday I recorded an interview with Kathryn Allan, who is co-editing the Accessing the Future anthology with Djibril al-Ayad of The Future Fire. The anthology will focus on themes of disability in science fiction. We also talk about how Kathryn … Continue reading

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Trans History Is Not White

Yesterday Juliet Jacques had an article in the New Statesman about the supposed “debate” between radical feminists and trans women. (It is an interesting form of debate — the TERFs want us dead, and we just want them to leave … Continue reading

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The Leaky Trans Umbrella

It is hardly surprising that the outpouring of joy that was Trans Pride last weekend has been followed by a barrage of attacks on trans people by white feminists. What I have found interesting is the form that those attacks … Continue reading

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Remembering Susan Wood

Before Claire Brialey and Tansy Rayner Roberts won the Best Fan Writer Hugo in 2011 and 2013 respectively; before I won in 2009 (if you accept that win as fair and accept me as a woman); before the long, dark … Continue reading

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SDCC Does Trans, Badly

San Diego ComicCon is taking place this weekend and has lots of reports from the event. Yesterday I was alerted to a post about a panel on trans themes in comics. This is, of course, something I know a … Continue reading

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Just Human

Over Pride weekend in Bristol some of the young journalists from Rife Magazine work with a youth LGBT group to make a film about what people want from a relationship. There’s a rather lovely twist at the end that I … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Revolting, In a Good Way

Last night’s BristolCon Fringe meeting was very interesting in two ways. Firstly, Ken Shinn had us agog with a tale about a demonic version of Benny Hill who has a drunken otter for a familiar. In addition our other guest, … Continue reading

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Leah Moore Interview

I have just uploaded the full version of the interview with Leah Moore than I made while I was in Liverpool. In addition to the material that we broadcast on Ujima Radio, this version contains a discussion of the Electricomics … Continue reading

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Juliet & the Waterstones Count

Yesterday Juliet McKenna put up a long post looking at the issue of how SF&F books are promoted by Waterstones. She has had some friends doing a survey of stores around the country. It looks like there is some pretty … Continue reading

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The Finncon LGBT Reading Lists

As promised, I have posted the LGBT Reading Lists that Suzanne Van Rooyen and I produced for the panel at Finncon. You can find them here. My apologies to everyone I have left out. I’m sure that there are lots … Continue reading

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