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Gwen: 1930-2014

My mum, girl scientist. (Photo from the early 1950s, I think.)

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A Very Long Day

Yesterday I was up and dressed around 7:00am (which for me is the middle of the night) because I can never be sure when the carers will turn up. Most of the rest of the day was spent dealing with … Continue reading

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Silence On The Personal Front

There’s a lot that I could be writing about what I’m going through right now. Mostly, however, I’m choosing to remain silent. Partly that’s out of consideration for other family members, but to a large part it is because it … Continue reading

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The Way We Were

My uncle and I have been sorting through my mother’s records to help her manage her affairs while she is sick. In the process I came across a file of letters I sent her while I was living in Australia. … Continue reading

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Jay Lake Memorial Posts at

Today is running a series of posts in memory of Jay Lake. He is, of course, still very much missed by the science fiction community. The recent convention season has rubbed that in. And now, as I am starting … Continue reading

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No News is No News

I’ve not been posting updates on my mother’s health, partly because I still haven’t been able to talk to a doctor, and partly because I’m not sure what other members of the family have been told and I don’t want … Continue reading

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The NHS – The Bad and the Good

We had a minor medical emergency this morning, in that my mother’s wound dressing started leaking blood. It didn’t look serious, but equally it didn’t look like something I should try to fix myself as up until now fresh dressings … Continue reading

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Some Advice on UK Medical & Financial Regulations

If you have an aged relative who may become seriously ill, make sure that someone has a Power of Attorney for health and welfare. Without it you may find that NHS staff will refuse to give you any information about … Continue reading

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Personal Update

The situation with the care workers got a bit better yesterday after we were visited by some managers rather than just minions. The minions might see that things are going wrong, but they aren’t allowed to do anything, or recommend … Continue reading

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A Little Venting

As some of you will know, my mother had to go into hospital briefly last week. Other family members have been doing a good job helping out while I have had other commitments, but I’m free of that stuff now … Continue reading

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A Quick Note For Facebook Users

Some of you are in the habit of using Facebook messages to contact me. As of Wednesday I’ll be starting a two week period when I’m mostly on the road, and I wanted to warn you that I no longer … Continue reading

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Girl At The End Of The Amazon

Yes folks, the Kindle editions are now available. So if you prefer getting your ebooks from that big digital river, you can now buy The Girl at the End of the World, Book 2, including my story, from the following: … Continue reading

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That Aussie Snapshot Interview

Mine can be found here.

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Published Author

OK, so it isn’t exactly at SFWA rates, but at least it isn’t in a book I’m publishing myself. And I am getting paid for it. Besides, just look at that cover. So yeah, paperback copies of The Girl at … Continue reading

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The Australian Spec Fic Snapshot

Every few years our Australian friends get into a frenzy of interviewing, aiming to highlight as many of their fine writers as possible. It is a fine tradition started by Ben Peek and known as the The Australian Spec Fic … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 3

The only activities today were the beach picnic and the group swim. I had to leave before the swim took place, but I spent a few hours at the picnic and grabbed a few more bits of audio. The picnic … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 2

I should write a very long blog post, but it is gone midnight and checking the audio recordings is more important so I’m just going do describe the event thus: mostly awesome, with a side of sore feet and mild … Continue reading

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Busy Week

This week is going to be a bit mad. To start with I have two days in Bristol. I have the radio show as usual on Wednesday, but I will also be in the studio tomorrow. That’s because of this … Continue reading

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Liverpool Wrap

Last night I met up with Alan Moore’s daughter, Leah. She and her husband, John Reppion, have been at many of the same conventions as me over the years, but we hadn’t seen each other much since they acquired a … Continue reading

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The Un-Straight Conference – Day 1

Well, that was a roller-coaster of a day. The conference thus far as been excellent. I tweeted a lot (the official hashtag is #UnStraightConference if you want to see what other people are saying about it. Also several major sessions … Continue reading

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