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My February Schedule

It being LGBT History Month, I have a pile of public engagements. Most of you won’t be able to get to them, but I’m listing them here just in case, and because it will explain why I’ll be so busy. … Continue reading

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Cover Girl

So yeah, that’s the cover of the new issue of Locus. As you can see, it has my name on it. Obviously there are a lot of other names too. That’s because it is the Recommended Reading List issue, and … Continue reading

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Job Security While LGBT, Lack Thereof

Yesterday a story that I have been following for some time finally broke so I am able to talk about it. My friend and colleague (via the Translation Awards), Rob Latham, has been fired from his job as a tenured … Continue reading

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Farewell, David Hartwell (?)

I woke up this morning to some very confused reporting about David Hartwell. Apparently he’d had a fall and hit his head, and been taken into hospital. Some reports said that life support had been turned off, but Locus is … Continue reading

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Well Done, Passport Office

I have to go to Canada in March for a conference and to visit some clients. As my passport will have less than 6 months validity left I need to renew it. Any interaction with officialdom is a scary thing … Continue reading

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The Next Day

Things happen. There is an outpouring of grief. Then life moves on. I’m interested in how the world reacted to Bowie’s death, and there are things I would like to write about. However, I am stupidly busy right now and … Continue reading

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Thank you, David, for showing me what could be done. I may be a little dysfunctional today. Ashes to ashes Funk to funky Though you dwell now In the Houses of Darkness, You live on Through your work And in … Continue reading

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2015 Stats

Somewhat depressingly, it continues to be the case that I get most views here when I have a rant about something. That generally means Puppies or a trans rights posts. Here are the top five most viewed posts from 2015. … Continue reading

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New Year Things

I don’t see any point in making resolutions that I’m not going to keep, so for now I’m just going to try to say “no” a bit more often, especially when it involves people asking me to do work for … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Christmas is a time when we all get bombarded with messages about how good it is to spend time with family and give each other presents. For many LGBT people, of course, Christmas is a time when either they get … Continue reading

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Me On The Aqueduct

It is that time of year again, so I have written my post for the traditional end of year review series on the Aqueduct Press website. If you want to know what I have been enjoying reading, watching and listening … Continue reading

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Farewell Holly, And Thank You

As is being reported everywhere it seems, Holly Woodlawn died yesterday. She had been waging a long battle against cancer, and finally succumbed aged 69. She wasn’t the only trans person featured in “Walk on the Wild Side”, but she … Continue reading

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On The Beeb

Yesterday while I was at Ujima I got a call from BBC Radio Bristol. They wanted to do a feature on trans people on today’s John Darvall show and asked if they could have me available by phone. Obviously I … Continue reading

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On Mental Illness

Various things have conspired to make me think a lot about mental health issues this week, by far the most important of which is the sad news that David J Rodger, one of the authors who has read at BristolCon … Continue reading

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Trans Awareness Week Begins

This week is going to be very busy for me, and quite emotional towards the end when we get to the Trans Day of Remembrance. However, we have started off on a brighter note with an article I wrote for … Continue reading

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The Nightmare

Jane Fae has been in touch with Tara Hudson’s family and has written a harrowing piece for Gay Star News about what life is like for Tara inside Horfield Prison. Elsewhere Pink News has the story of an elderly trans … Continue reading

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Introducing Sanctum

A very strange and innovate performance art event will be taking place in Bristol shortly. For 24 days in late October and early November Temple Church (built by the Knights Templar and now a Grade II listed building) will be … Continue reading

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My BristolCon Schedule

The programme for this year’s BristolCon was released last night. Here’s what I’ll be doing. 09:50 – 09:55 Room 2 : Welcome, by me (we don’t have opening ceremonies, we just do a quick welcome in each room). 10:00 – … Continue reading

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Life Happens

So as if I didn’t have enough to do, now I need to find myself a new GP (again) and sort out supplies of hormones if I can’t do it quickly. In many ways life was easier before the Equality … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Seaside

Weston-super-Mare is a small town on the Somerset coast previously most famous for being home to Jeffrey Archer. These days, of course, it is well known for Banksy’s new Dismaland exhibition. I didn’t go there for that. Tickets are like … Continue reading

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