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Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Dear Kevin, 20 years ago today the Goddess gave you a cat for your 30th birthday. Unusually for a cat, she has stuck around, though she has wandered a long way from home. Thank goodness the Internet is the natural … Continue reading

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20 Years Ago Today

I did warn you that there were a lot of anniversaries coming up. Here’s today’s. Saturday August 26th, 1995. By this time I was living and working in Melbourne, but I had gone back to the UK to do some … Continue reading

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40 Years Ago Today

This is a week of massive anniversaries. Here is today’s. On August 25th 1975 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band released an album called Born to Run. I can’t remember when I first heard any of it, but I … Continue reading

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Haz Car

Well, there’s exciting. One of my cousins was trading up her car and, for reasons that I will get to shortly, the old one had no resale value. So she offered it to me for free. Obviously I had to … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot – We Have Results

So yeah, I figured that a serious professional photographer like Lou would manage to produce something I’d be OK with. It is her job to work miracles. I didn’t expect to be really pleased with some of the results. Here’s … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot

I spent the morning in Bath pretending to be a fashion model. Of course I’m not one. What was actually going on is that I have discovered that I need a professionally done head shot for publicity purposes. This is … Continue reading

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Report from the Road

Yeah, I know, I have been a Very Bad Blogger recently. That’s partly because I have been traveling a lot, and partly due to what appears to have been a particularly bad allergic reaction to something that flowers in Finland … Continue reading

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The #MyVanityFairCover Thing

For those of you not on Twitter (or not plugged into the trans subset of tweets), this hashtag is a response to the Caitlyn Jenner cover. The idea is that all trans people deserve a shot on the cover of … Continue reading

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Brand New Princess

Nice wheels, love! Well, thank goodness that’s over. I’m not a big fan of celebrity culture. I’m not entirely sure what a Kardashian is. But, as a trans woman, I have found the Jenner saga all over my social media … Continue reading

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August Is Cancelled

This summer the track work upgrading the Great Western Main Line reaches Bath. This is essential work and should result in a much better train service in years to come. However, there will be disruption. Specifically I will be unable … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, April! #April80

80 years old today and still as glamorous as ever. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, and congratulations on being made a Citizen of Honour of Liverpool.

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Just Another Day

As those of you who are on social media will have noticed, yesterday was my birthday. It always weirds me out the way such things work these days. Facebook, in particular, sends me a couple of hundred birthday wishes, many … Continue reading

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An Old Portrait

As most of you will know, I am quite old. One of the difficulties of advanced age is that you forget things that you did in your mis-spent youth. So I was quite surprised this morning when my Greek friend, … Continue reading

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I Have Good Things

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Mike Dariano who runs a blog called 27 Good Things, via which he gets various people to recommend things that they like. Apparently he found me because I have a lot of … Continue reading

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A Day Out In Bath With Added Beryl Cook

My friend Lee Harris, formerly of Angry Robot and now starting a line of novellas for Tor, was in Bath on business yesterday. As he had some free time I offered to show him around. Naturally we ended up at … Continue reading

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Wizard’s Tower Update

Last week I should have been officially launching the new US-based publishing company. This involved me committing to several hundred dollars of expenditure, which is always good for focusing the mind on what one is doing. At the same time, … Continue reading

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Leelah – A Shared Grief

Well that was interesting. Normally this blog averages around 200 visits per day. For the first five days of 2015 it averaged over 1500 visits. It is obvious why this happened. The story of Leelah Alcorn has struck a nerve … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on Leelah

Yesterday was interesting from a trans activism point of view. Leelah Alcorn’s story hit a number of mainstream media outlets. Here’s The Independent, for example. It also prompted an outpouring of support on Twitter. The most obvious result was the … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words?

This morning I woke up to the news of yet another trans person who had taken her own life. Leelah Alcorn was just 17. I never met her, had never even heard of her until today. There are, after all, … Continue reading

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That Seasonal Thing

From my all-time favorite Christmas album, the very wonderful Ramsey Lewis Trio.

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