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Get Your Tentacles Ready, Ladies

She Walks in Shadows, the all-woman Lovecraft anthology that crowdfunded successfully earlier this year, will have an open submissions period in November. Story length is up to 4,000 words with a pay rate of 6 cents (CA$) a word. For … Continue reading

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Brighton*Transformed Published

One of the things I had to miss this week was the launch of Brighton*Transformed, the history of trans people in the city that was produced by many of the same people that are behind Trans Pride. The book is … Continue reading

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New Gwyneth Jones Novel

How did I not know about this? Worse still, how has it been allowed to happen? Anyway, Gwyneth Jones has a new novel out. It is book 6 in the Bold as Love series, and it is called The Grasshopper’s … Continue reading

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Tricia Sullivan at BristolCon

For the benefit of those of you who do not keep an eye on the BristolCon website, I direct you to the fact that we’ll be doing it bit of local outreach this year. On the Friday evening before the … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Ann Leckie, Art, Massage & Trauma

Well, that was… not up to my usual standard. I’ve been getting very little sleep of late, and you need to have your wits about you to host a radio show. Even with the Ann Leckie interview being a pre-record, … Continue reading

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Today On Ujima – Israel, Serbia & Iraq

Thanks to my uncle, and Tracy the cleaner, holding the fort during the day I was able to get up to Bristol to do my radio show today. This was a great relief as I had a busy show planned. … Continue reading

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Proposed Translations Anthology

Over at Europa SF there is a proposal to create a new anthology of stories from European countries translated into English. The arrangements are a bit nebulous at the moment, but doubtless they will crystalize over time. If you are … Continue reading

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Access All Futures

I’m delighted to see that Accessing the Future, the anthology project for disability-themed speculative fiction, has reached its first funding goal. That means that the project will definitely happen. However, I really want to see it reach the first stretch … Continue reading

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Translating Ancillary Justice

I was musing a while back as to how Ancillary Justice would work when translated into languages such as Finnish or Hungarian which, like Radchaai, have no gendered pronouns. As it happens, Csilla Kleinheincz got the job of translating the … Continue reading

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New Book on Posthuman Life

My friend David Roden, who is a Professor of Philosophy specializing in transhumanist thought, has published a new book called Posthuman Life: Philosophy at the Edge of the Human. You can read more about it here. Being an academic book, … Continue reading

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Cosmos Latinos – #WITMonth

One of the best ways to acquaint yourself with fiction from Latin America remains the fabulous Cosmos Latinos anthology which I reviewed for Emerald City back in 2004. It contains stories by both Latina authors I have mentioned thus far: … Continue reading

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Daína Chaviano – #WITMonth

Cubans come in two types: those who still live in Cuba, and those who have left to live elsewhere in the world (often the USA). Daína Chaviano falls into the latter group, but she still counts as one of Latin … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Australians!

It was my great pleasure to welcome four Australian writers into the Women’s Outlook studio today. Cat Sparks, Donna Hanson, Rob Hood and Matt Ferrer are on vacation together after Worldcon and kindly agreed to come and talk to me … Continue reading

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VanderMeers in Bristol

Last night I got to interview two of my favorite people: Ann & Jeff VanderMeer. This was at an event at The Lansdown co-sponsored by BristolCon, Bristol Festival of Literature, Small Stories and Wizard’s Tower. I don’t think I was … Continue reading

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Angélica Gorodischer – #WITMonth

This week’s prompt for Women in Translation Month is the Americas, so naturally I am starting with Argentina’s Angélica Gorodischer. Small Beer press have her Trafalgar, translated by Amalia Gladhart, and next year they will be publishing Prodigies, translated by … Continue reading

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Eurocon – Recommended Reading

The following recommendations come from the panels on translations, on non-Anglo SF&F, and on Polish SF. These are from Andrzej Sapkowski who, much to my delight, came to the translations panel with a printed list: Miroslav Žamboch (Czech) – Nuclear … Continue reading

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Fighting Airship Wins Battle

Bristol-based blogger, Joanna Papageorgiou, is running a “battle of the books” type event to find the best fiction set in Bristol. You may remember that Colinthology lost out to the excellent Heartman a few weeks back. In today’s post Joanna … Continue reading

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Kontakt – #WITMonth

I’ve been slacking a bit on the Women in Translation Month this week because I’ve been rushing around too much. I’m making up for it now with my first post on this week’s topic: Central & Eastern Europe. Not only … Continue reading

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A Monster Hunters Review

On Twitter today Juliet McKenna posted a link to this review of her latest book, Challoner, Murray & Balfour: Monster Hunters at Law. Here are a few choice extracts: I haven’t read any of her other books and am very … Continue reading

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Sara Bergmark Elfgren – #WITMonth

I missed the official LGBT focus on Wednesday due to being stupidly busy, but today is the official kids & YA day so I’m taking you on a trip to Engelsfors. This small Swedish town is the setting for a … Continue reading

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