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Meanwhile, In Bristol – Enviroment & Race

My latest column for Bristol 24/7 is all about women in the environmental movement. In 2015 Bristol will be the European Green Capital, so you can expect to hear lots more green stuff from me through the year. This week’s … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: WWI, Music Courses & Fair Trade

I’m online at the Ujima studios because I have a meeting this evening and won’t be home until late. Getting some blogging done is a much better use of my time than going shopping. Today’s show began with my friend … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima – The Green Power Show

What I should have been doing yesterday was sleeping. What I actually did was host a 2-hour radio show on climate change and green power issues. We started out with a pre-recorded interview with Tobias Buckell whose new novel, Hurricane … Continue reading

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Some Bristol Politics

Those of you who listened to last week’s Women’s Outlook show will remember that we were visited by Tasha from the Avon Coalition Against Big Biofuels. She talked about plans for new biomass power stations at Avonmouth. There was day … Continue reading

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Today On Ujima: Er, Everything!

Well that was a bit mad. Today we had a very busy show. We started off with some ladies talking about fostering and adoption services in Bristol. Apparently there is a major shortage of families willing to foster or adopt … Continue reading

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Catch-Up Linkage

Because I have been busy for the past three days… – One of the reasons I love cosmology is the timescales over which things happen. This story, about a star eating a planet, explains that the poor planet may only … Continue reading

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Some Brief Linkage

Because yesterday I was offline most of the day and the RSS flood backed up again. – My friend Roz gets her poetry published in The Guardian. Cool stuff! – My friend Neil gets the first chapter of his Hugo … Continue reading

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A Million Fuel Cells Bloom?

Work on fannish projects ground to a halt this evening when I discovered my Google Reader account was full of links to an interesting energy story about a product launch by a Silicon Valley start-up. As some of you will … Continue reading

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Weight Loss

It speaks for itself really. The data is from NASA (and measured using gravity data, which is rather cool). I found it on Deep Sea News. And that rate of weight loss equates to 24 cubic miles of ice per … Continue reading

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Living in a Desert

We all know that California is a desert, right? But we irrigate, and as a result we support rich farmland and big cities. What happens, however, if we take too much water, or if the amount of water coming into … Continue reading

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Hell Comes to Helsinki?

Via Lynne Kiesling I discovered this story about a data center in Helsinki being located underneath Uspenski Cathedral so that the waste heat from all of the computers can be used to keep the neighbourhood warm. Like Lynne I am … Continue reading

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More on Hormonal Pollutants

There’s an article just gone up in The Guardian about the presence of anti-androgens and estrogen-like substances in common household goods. This being science journalism in a popular newspaper I’m a little skeptical, and I’ll try to find the EU … Continue reading

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Big Science Cannot Save Us

Ask science fiction fans about global warming and there’s a good chance they’ll start waxing lyrical about massive engineering projects that will Save Us All. We are, after all, used to the idea of terraforming planets so that humans can … Continue reading

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The Sea Is Not Flat

And I don’t just mean waves. What with things like planetary rotation, prevailing winds and marine currents, “sea level” is by no means the same everywhere in the world. Why does this matter? Well, global warming is going to change … Continue reading

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There is a big climate conference going on in Copenhagen at the moment. The Nature crew, including Oliver Morton, have been blogging it. This new post from Oli is going to give me nightmares: The studies suggest that a) there … Continue reading

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More on Transgender Fish

The very helpful Bob Hole points me at this article from World Zoo Today. The research is talks about is actually the same work I blogged about a while back, but it is good to see it getting more coverage.

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Penguins Speak Out on Global Warming

Someone here has been having way too much fun. Classic SFnal reference too. (Warning – the penguins say naughty words.) Hat tip to Deep Sea News.

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Italian Sea Snails Go Macho

Most of the stories we see in the news about “sex change chemicals” in the environment focus on male animals turning into females, with the blame often being placed on the use of contraceptives by human women. But all sorts … Continue reading

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Weather FYI

Apparently the weather has been totally whacko in Brazil as well. Just sayin’.

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All About the Numbers

Here’s a lovely post by Oliver Morton on how people are unclear on the concept when it comes to carbon emission reduction. Sadly, because this does involve politicians and journalists having a basic understanding of science and math, I suspect … Continue reading

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