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Tolkien Lecture 2014

Sadly I can’t make this one, because I will be in Finland. It looks like it will be a great event. Also it is free, though you do need to sign up. The official press release follows. (Oxford, April 9, … Continue reading

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New Free Fiction Magazine from Australia

A new science fiction magazine was launched in Australia today. It is called Dimension 6 and it comes from Coeur de Lion Publishing. The first issue contains three stories: by Richard Harland, Charlotte Nash & Jason Nahrung. You can download … Continue reading

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Vale, Lucius Shepard

As reported in various places, Lucius Shepard died today. I’ve said many times before that I am crap at writing obituaries, but I can reprint the following review of Shepard’s short collection, Two Trains Running. The original appeared in Emerald … Continue reading

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SF & Astronomy, A Boy Thing, Apparently

I have email from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific announcing that they have updated their list of science fiction that contains good information about astronomy and related issues. This is a good thing, I thought. We should be educating … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Insect Invasion

Today John Scalzi and Mary Robinette Kowal have been having a bit of fun with the fact that younger (which I think means under the age of 70) members of SFWA have been described as a “‘vocal minority’ of insects”. … Continue reading

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A Brief Note On SFWA

Yeah, there was another huge blow-up online yesterday. It happens. And yet again it was caused by someone who is a former member of SFWA. Please bear that in mind. These online embarrassments are not an indication that people should … Continue reading

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The Destruction That Will Not Stop

Certain things on the Internet just will not stop. SFWA drama is apparently one of them. Yesterday I learned that I am one of a mysterious and dangerous faction known as “the Young”. I am also, apparently, an evil ageist … Continue reading

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Further Destruction of SF at For Books’ Sake

So I got asked to write something about women in SF for the For Books’ Sake website. I may have ranted a bit. You can read that here. And while you are at their website, please do check out the … Continue reading

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In Which I Destroy Science Fiction

Well, I try anyway. I suspect that I destroyed it for Dave Truesdale many years ago, but that’s another story. As you probably all know by now, Lightspeed has a Kickstarter campaign going that was initially intended to fund a … Continue reading

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Cheese Night At Mr. B’s

Last night’s reading at Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights was billed as “Cheese Night”, and included a tasting provided by the nearby Paxton & Whitfield. I went for the cheese, which was excellent, but I came away charmed by … Continue reading

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Coming Soon To The British Library

I have a press release from the British Library detailing some of the special exhibitions that they will be running this year. The following may be of interest. Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK (2 May – 19 … Continue reading

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ISF #5 Is Live

The latest issue of International Speculative Fiction is now available for free download in PDF format. EPUB and MOBI editions will follow shortly (and indeed may be live by the time that you read this). Headlining this issue is Thomas … Continue reading

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More Kameron – Magic and Mothers

I have a couple more Kameron Hurley blog posts I’d like to draw your attention to. And by the way this blog onslaught is because God’s War comes out in mass market paperback in the UK today. First up there’s … Continue reading

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You Can Help Destroy Science Fiction!

Lightspeed magazine has had so much interest in their forthcoming Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue that they are running a Kickstarter campaign to allow them to buy more stories and print a double-sized issue. They’ll be doing a trade … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: Gareth L. Powell

I’ve been in Bristol today to help host another Women’s Outlook Show on Ujima radio. My main guest for the day was Bristol’s own Gareth L. Powell who has just launched his latest novel, Hive Monkey. Gareth and I got … Continue reading

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Ladies: Destroy Science Fiction Now!

Yes girls, it is time to load up on the cooties and sally forth to terrorize those legions of 50-year-old adolescent boys who cannot bear to see their beloved genre polluted by things feminine. Lightspeed magazine is preparing a girls-only … Continue reading

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Not Dead

Yeah, I know, I have been quiet. I have a huge amount of stuff to do before I head off to Canada to see Kevin (and possibly attend SMOFcon, though that’s a very minor attraction in comparison). Progress is being … Continue reading

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Brit & I Do T

One of the things that I did while I was in Brighton for World Fantasy was record a segment for Claire Parker’s Trans-themed radio show, Time 4 T. The idea was to talk about Trans people’s place in the SF&F … Continue reading

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Bristol LitFest: Apocalypses with Toby Litt & Nikesh Shukla

The other LitFest event I went to involved Nikesh Shukla interviewing Toby Litt on the subject of apocalypse fiction. Toby does actually destroy Earth in one of his books, but I’d better avoid too much in the way of spoilers. … Continue reading

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Lived To Tell The Tale

I did my interview on Radio Bristol today. It was a lot of fun. We talked entirely about science fiction and fantasy. I got to do plugs for BristolCon and the London Worldcon, and name check a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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