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Making eBooks Work – The Anime Encyclopedia

Inevitably, this being “World” Book Day in the UK and Ireland, some bright spark in the media thought this would be a good time to do some more controversy farming on the subject of ebooks. Stepping up to the plate … Continue reading

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Farewell, Readmill

The weekend provided that sad news that Readmill, the company who produced by far the best ebook reader, is closing down. Baldur Bjarnason has a few words to say about their fate here. By and large, I think he’s right. … Continue reading

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Potential Good News For Bookstore Customers

One of the things that has hugely irritated UK-based ebook stores is that, while they have been required to charge 20% VAT on all purchases, multi-national companies such as Apple and Amazon have been basing their European operations in places … Continue reading

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Me Elsewhere: Talking About Frawgs

My good friend Pete Sutton asked me for a guest post for his blog this month. I decided to say a few things about why I love all sorts of books (despite the fact that I publish and sell mainly … Continue reading

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Finncon Day 2 – E-books, Academics & Thor

My other panel at this year’s Finncon was on the subject of ebooks. I got to moderate it (thanks Jukka!), which means that it went pretty much as I hoped. There were no lengthy digressions into technical neepery, and no … Continue reading

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Readmill, Anyone?

One of the big advantages that Amazon has over other ebook stores is the simple purchase process. When you buy a book, it is automatically sent to your Kindle account, and is available on every device where you have a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts for Authors

I have a lot of catch-up to do after two days away, but I’d like to start with a couple of thoughts for authors. The first was prompted by meeting up with my friend Jon Turney in London. Jon, as … Continue reading

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State Sponsored Piracy

Yesterday there was a bit of a dust up in UK social media on the subject of book piracy. As you doubtless know, all Wizard’s Tower books are DRM-free, and are available for sale all over the world. Aside from … Continue reading

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Interesting News From Smashwords

Wizard’s Tower books are not available via Smashwords. There is a very simple reason or this. They don’t allow you to upload a finished book. They insist, instead, that you upload a Word document which they put through a really … Continue reading

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It’s Not Amazon, It’s You

Well, not all of you, obviously. Some of you are very clued up on ebook issues. But the various Amazon fails that have happened over the past few weeks have brought home to me how many people who profess to … Continue reading

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E-Book Settlement – Amazon Wins Again

If anyone was in any doubt that the e-book pricing anti-trust lawsuit was a case of capture of the legal system by Amazon, here’s the proof. Normally when there’s a class action lawsuit, the courts collect the money and parcel … Continue reading

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New Toy – Nexus 7

With the large number of Android devices available on the market these days, and with my very busy August having put some money in the bank, I figured that it was about time that Wizard’s Tower Press invested in an … Continue reading

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B&N Meets Microsoft

The big industry news from yesterday, which I was too busy traveling to comment on, was the deal between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft regarding the Nook e-reader. John Scalzi has some thoughts on it here. My own view is … Continue reading

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A False Permanence

One of the mistakes we literary folk tend to make is to assume that just because someone is a good novelist he or she must be wise as well. Case in point, here is Jonathan Frantzen being silly. The gist … Continue reading

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A Key eBook Law Suit

It isn’t often that a law suit taking place in New York has the potential to directly impact my business, but this one has me a little worried. HarperCollins is suing an ebook publisher called Open Road, and the basis … Continue reading

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Cheaper Ebooks, But Only From Amazon

There’s good news for UK buyers of ebooks. The price they pay for them is going to come down soon, but probably only if they buy them from Amazon. UK-based retailers may match them, but will have to swallow the … Continue reading

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From Russia With Steam

I have just put a new book on sale over at the Wizard’s Tower store. It is Heart of Iron, by the very wonderful Ekaterina Sedia. The book is set in a steampunk version of the Russian empire, and features … Continue reading

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Bookstore News

After a fair amount of messing around while Amazon tried to ensure I had the right to publish the material, the two Ben Jeapes books I released before Eastercon are now available on Amazon. What’s more, those of you who … Continue reading

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Introducing Ibis Reader

One thing that is abundantly clear from yesterday’s discussion of ebooks is that many people are still very unclear about the technology. To start with I would like to make a few things clear. When you buy an ebook from … Continue reading

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Sales and Licenses

Via Charles A. Tan on Twitter I discovered this report of what might be a very significant legal ruling in the USA. The decision relates to how MP3 music files are sold, but as the article notes it could apply … Continue reading

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