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Ann Leckie on the Guardian Books Podcast

I discovered from Twitter this morning that the latest edition of the Guardian Books Podcast features Ann Leckie. Naturally I had a listen, and I think it is well worth your time too. The podcast actually starts with an interview … Continue reading

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Destruction Will Continue Until Dudebro Morale Improves

I should really have done this blog post last week, but I had lots of things to write about and got sidetracked. Anyway, as you may remember, the Women Destroy Science Fiction crowdfunding campaign was so successful that they managed … Continue reading

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Back to the Well

This afternoon I decided to take the car out for a run. After all, I have it for a week. I might as well make use of it. Inevitably, I went down to Glastonbury, because what’s a neo-pagan girl to … Continue reading

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Graham Joyce, R.I.P.

When you are nursing someone who has cancer one of the last things you want to hear is that a good friend of yours has just succumbed to the disease. I did dedicate this week’s Women’s Outlook show to Graham, … Continue reading

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C’est La Fin Du Monde!

Via the Forbidden Planet International blog I have discovered that there will soon be English translations of Atomas, a French superhero comic from the 1940s. Based on the few sample pages they posted, it looks fabulous. The plot is suitably … Continue reading

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Time Out Of Mind – Anne McCaffrey Clip

Here is a clip from episode 4 of Time Out of Mind. This one features Anne McCaffrey. She talks about how she got into writing science fiction, and does a fairly mild feminist rant. There is also a brief appearance … Continue reading

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Country Tagging

Yesterday I was tweeting with Crystal Huff about the number of different countries we had met people from over the past two weeks. I thought it might be useful to give an impression of just how international the SF&F community … Continue reading

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A Colinthology Review

As part of her quest to find the best fiction set in Bristol, Joanna Papageorgiou has set Colinthology against Mark Wright’s Heartman. I’m not in the least surprised that Heartman won. It’s not like TV companies have been beating a … Continue reading

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Fafnir 3/2014 – Final Call

This is reminder that if you have anything you’d like to submit for the next issue of Fafnir, the Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research, there’s a deadline coming up. Here’s the info: CALL FOR PAPERS FAFNIR 3/2014 … Continue reading

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Harassment Policies – The Backlash

I’m seeing one or two depressing things about anti-harassment policies recently. A few days ago Twitter was aflame with discussion of a story that a convention broke off its contract with a hotel in part because some of the staff … Continue reading

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SF in SF Discussion Panel

I’ve just posted the final podcast from the June SF in SF reading. It features a discussion moderated by Terry Bisson and featuring the three guest readers: Cliff Winnig, Heather McDougal and Cassie Alexander. There is a lot of interesting … Continue reading

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Wanted: SF Poetry In Translation

Lawrence Schimel writes: I’ve been asked to guest-edit an issue of Eye to the Telescope, the online journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and I’ve decided to focus on translations into English of SF-nal poetry from around the world. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Alli!

I might be swanning off to the Mediterranean, but I still managed to get an article up elsewhere today. It was done well in advance, but had to be published today because it is part of a series about authors … Continue reading

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Greetings From Zagreb

Here I am in Croatia once more. The travel all went very smoothly. I flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt, and then Croatian Airlines on to Zagreb. The difference in the quality of the coffee on the two flights was startling. Croatians … Continue reading

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Ujima Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m doing the Women’s Outlook show on Ujima again. My guest in the studio will be Stephanie Saulter. We’ll be talking about her trip back to Jamaica to launch Gemsigns there, and about the recent Nine Worlds convention in … Continue reading

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Book Review – Cyberpunk Women, Feminism and Science Fiction

I’ll be dashing off to Bristol for this week’s Ujima Radio show shortly, and I have to stay in the city for an LGBT History Month event tonight. Fortunately I was busy on Sunday and I have a third book … Continue reading

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New From Flipside

I’m also delighted to report two new books from Charles Tan and his colleagues at Flipside. The first, The Kite of Stars, is a new collection from the fabulous Filipino author, Dean Francis Alfar. If you enjoyed his How to … Continue reading

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Writing By Numbers

When I wrote my report on Kij Johnson’s fiction masterclass I commented that I expected to start seeing reviews in which the reviewer castigates the novel for not following the “rules” of writing. I didn’t have long to wait. A … Continue reading

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The Fiction Masterclass

I find writing courses interesting. I somehow doubt that anything other than long practice will turn my own feeble efforts into saleable fiction. However, a writer giving a course will inevitably tell you a lot about how she approaches her … Continue reading

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The NHS Consults

The NHS is undergoing as major shake-up right now, and as a result is looking closely at various areas of its operations. On the assumption that gender treatments will still be available in future, they have a consultation out concerning … Continue reading

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