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Welcome to Helicon 2

This is the web site of Helicon 2, the 2002 British National Science Fiction Convention to be held at the Hotel de France, St. Helier, Jersey from 29 March to 1 April, 2002. Here you can find information about the convention, about the island of Jersey, and about why this web site has a pronounced chocolatey feel to it.

Our Guests of Honour for Helicon 2 are:

Harry Turtledove - Brian Stableford - Peter Weston

Well, it is all over for another year. For those of you who didn't manage to make it to Jersey, we have posted various pubications available at the con. To see them click here.

Other than that it remains only to say that Eastercons do happen every year and if you want to enjoy next year's festivities you can find more information at:

Seacon 03 - the 2003 Eastercon

There are also lots of other useful bits of information on this site. Check out the What's New section below.

If you require any further information you can contact Helicon 2 by using our contact form, by sending email to info@helicon.org.uk or by writing to us at: Helicon 2, 33 Meyrick Drive, Wash Common, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 6SY, Great Britain.

The most recent additions to this web site are:

8 April 2002 - Convention publications posted; BSFA Award winners

21 March 2002 - Maps of St. Helier and the Hotel de France, the final(ish) program schedule, important Read Me stuff, and Tobes' Restaurant Guide

19 March 2002 - Details about the Banquet and George Hay Lecture

8 March 2002 - Some information about phones, customs and shopping on Jersey; information about getting things into the membership packs

5 March 2002 - This year's BSFA Award nominees; update on the Masquerade

3 March 2002 - More about Peter Weston; also fighting robots and beading (who says we don't have varied interests); travel directions from the air/ferry ports; information about registration and disabled access

2 March 2002 - At-door and daily membership rates

27 February 2002 - Progress Report #3 online

26 February 2002 - A revised draft program and writers' workshops

20 February 2002 - A commercial route for shipping stuff.

18 February 2002 - Lots of Things to Do on Jersey; information about mobile phones; more about Brian Stableford and Peter Weston; details of our program rooms; and information about shipping stuff to Jersey.

12 February 2002 - Draft program

10 January 2002 - Hotel booking form, Progress Report 2, and our Volunteer form

5 January 2002 - Changes to committee list

25 December 2001 - Missing members,address for the Hotel de France, and a link to ConStruction, a con-runners convention in Cardiff

31 October 2001 - Details of a useful ferry company and our travel agent

27 October 2001 - Updated email addresses.

2nd June 2001 - A complete run of Heliograph, the newsletter from the first Helicon.

If you have any problems with this site, please write to: webdesigner@helicon.org.uk.





Unless otherwise noted all maps and photographs used on this site ate copyright Jersey Tourism and used with thanks.