As Others See Us

Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet gets email from the BBC:

Does your avatar do more exercise than you? Are you happier running round World Of War craft than pounding the treadmill at the gym?

If you love playing high-octane games or reading sci-fi and action based comics from the comfort of your sofa, but are turned off at the thought of real exercise, we want to hear from you…

BBC Three is looking for 18-26 year olds who are proud of their lifestyle and leisure choices, to take part in a new series.

Gee, can you say “stereotype”?

15 minutes of fame being what it is, I am sure that they will find someone who fits the bill.

3 thoughts on “As Others See Us

  1. The trouble is, whilst they will find a fan like that, I find that it’s harder to find someone like that who would be a member of an SF group or fan base, other than WoW or suchlike.
    Perhaps it’s just me, but I see organised fandom as ageing quite significantly, and we’re not replacing them with the age bracket above. Certainly that’s the case here in NZ – I am the youngest member of our SF club and I’m 36!
    I guess that’s due to the fact that the younger generation can get their fix online, can download shows, can chat with others online without leaving their couches etc. But I worry about fandom long-term if that’s the case.
    And programmes like this won’t help.

    1. Why is it “worrisome.” If the point of fandom is to engage in fannish activities, why does it matter whether it’s done in person or over the Internet?

      The truth is — at least in my area (Los Angeles) — ‘traditional’ fandom has chased off younger fans. Heck, it’s pretty much chased *me* off and I’m no spring chicken (44).

      I really am confused by the notion of fandom being at odds with technology, be it the Internet, Webzines or podcasts. Isn’t Nifty!Tech supposed to be part of science fiction?

  2. Stereotype is right. I think some parts of traditional science Fiction fandom will change. Podcasts and blogs usurping Fanzines role in fandom is one of them. There will be SF fandom, though.

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