Book Sales Figures – Some Local Data

Today I was in my local Waterstones picking up the new Jon Courtenay Grimwood novel (The Outcast Blade). While I was there I had a quick chat with the manager, Sara, about how sales were going. I’d seen reports in today’s papers suggesting a massive decline in paper book sales which, thankfully for authors, has been mostly offset by a rise in ebook sales. How were things doing locally?

Well, sales of fiction here in Trowbridge are down 20%. Yes, really, that’s serious. On the other hand, sales of science fiction and fantasy are up 2.5%. Hopefully that sort of thing is repeated nationally. A lot of it is, of course, down to George R.R. Martin, but I think we can pat ourselves on the back too. It looks like we are buying more books. Well done, people.

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  1. Michelle Feltham says:

    Every now and then I buy a book at a high street book shop regardless of the extra cost which it might involve. Especially if they are independents. I’d be so very sad to see them go.

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