Help Borderlands Get a Cafe

As some of you may know, my good friends at Borderlands Books in San Francisco are working on opening a cafe next to their store. In order to do so they need to get planning permission, which is not always a straightforward proposition, city bureaucracies being what they are. So the application needs support. There’s a petition in the store that you can sign, but if you can’t get into San Francisco (and I know that Borderlands has fans all around the world) then you can help out by adding a comment below. And by directing your friends here. So…

We, the undersigned, enjoy visiting Borderlands Books when we are in San Francisco, and would be delighted if they had a cafe adjacent to the store. A cafe would enable the store to enhance its already excellent events program, and cement its reputation as one of the world’s premier independent specialist bookstores.

Cheryl Morgan – Fremont, CA & Somerset, UK

Update: The planning permission hearing is today (June 26th) so I’m closing off comments. I’ll let you know how it goes as soon as I hear from Alan.

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171 Responses to Help Borderlands Get a Cafe

  1. Sam Young says:

    Scritch the bald kitty!

  2. Vicki Pettersson – Las Vegas, Nevada

  3. doselle young says:

    Doselle Young – Santa Monica, CA

  4. Borderland Books is great now, but it will be even better when the cafe is added. I am 100% in favor of adding the cafe! I go to Borderland Books whenever I drive into San Francisco, which is weekly. Yes on the cafe!!!!

  5. Drew McKinney – San Francisco, CA

  6. I finally visited the famous bookstore the last time I was in San Francisco. This is truly a gem of a store and the owners were very helpful; we had a long discussion; any prospect they want to get behind, I’m all for. A cafe is often a terrific extension of a bookstore, and well worth having.

  7. Adam J. Whitlatch – Bonaparte, Iowa

  8. Bill Dawes says:

    Bill Dawes- Rohnert Park, CA

  9. Michael says:

    Michael Feldman- Los Angeles, CA / New York, NY

  10. Chris Mirell says:

    Chris Mirell-Sacramento, CA

  11. Christopher says:

    Christopher Daley _Red Bluff

  12. Marjorie Liu says:

    Marjorie M. Liu – Indiana

  13. Randy Johnson says:

    It sounds like a great idea.

  14. Charles Payne says:

    Charles Payne, Irvine, CA

  15. Jay Winkler says:

    Jay Winkler, Franklin, MI

  16. Kimberly Merenda says:

    Kimberly Merenda
    Bells, TX

  17. John Remy says:

    John Remy, Irvine, CA (and Bay Area native)

  18. Mindy Klasky says:

    Arlington, VA, but visitor to Borderlands whenever I can get there!

  19. Ember says:

    Ember Case
    Neptune Beach, FL – looking forward to visiting this summer.

  20. willywoollove says:

    William j James Jr, Hayward, CA

  21. Irene Gallo says:

    Irene Gallo
    New York, NY

  22. Omar Singleton
    Redlands, CA

    Hope you get that cafe.

  23. Martin Glick says:

    Martin Glick – New York, NY

  24. Mike Antos says:

    Mike Antos – Pasadena, CA

  25. Mickey Pentecost says:

    Mickey Pentecost
    San Francisco, CA

    Borderlands is my favorite place on earth. This is not an exaggeration. I’m a SF junkie and have to sneak off there alone since my wife hates getting stuck there forever. The neighborhood has a high density of cafes, but they all get great business and it would make sense for borderlands to open a cafe too. I will go in this week and sign the hardcopy. Cheryl, email me if you need more advocacy.

  26. Tania Clucas says:

    Tania Clucas
    North Pole, AK

    I send people to Borderlands, just so they can bask in the gloriousness of it.

  27. I think a cafe is a great idea

  28. Michael Clarke says:

    Michael Clarke – Seattle, WA

    A cafe is a great idea. I hope to enjoy it the next time I’m in S.F.

  29. Patrick Adams says:

    Patrick Adams – Suisun City, CA

  30. Andrea Crowley says:

    Andrea Crowley- San Francisco, CA

  31. Scott Westerfeld – New York, NY

  32. Adam Rakunas says:

    Adam Rakunas – Santa Monica, CA

  33. Kelson Philo says:

    Kelson Philo – Lawrence, KS

  34. John D. Mitchell says:

    John D. Mitchell, Dublin, CA

  35. Lisa Mann says:

    Lisa K. Mann, Omaha NE

  36. James A. Owen says:

    James A. Owen, Silvertown AZ

  37. Craig Cripps says:

    Love Borderlands, can’t wait to return, and would love to sit with a nice cup of Earl Grey when I do.

    Craig Cripps, London, UK

  38. Chris Fleming says:

    Chris Fleming – San Diego, CA

  39. Sarah Heacox says:

    Sarah Heacox
    Los Angeles, CA

  40. Alice Bentley says:

    Alice Bentley – Vashon WA

  41. Charles Boylan says:

    Charles Boylan – Concord CA

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  43. Josh Jasper says:

    Josh Jasper. NY, NY

  44. Keith Glaeske says:

    Washington, DC

  45. Will Etienne says:

    Kettering, Oh

  46. Novembrance says:

    Cold Spring, NY

  47. David Lodge says:

    David Lodge – Oklahoma City, OK

  48. Colleen Paeff – Los Angeles, CA

  49. Kittee Danson says:

    I HEART Borderlands! A cafe would be awesome, now that my baby sister has a baby of her own. She could sit down with the girly and have lunch while I shop and shop and shop.

  50. Chris Buechler says:

    Chris Buechler – Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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