SF Library in WA Needs Funds

I got a press release today from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Apparently they have discovered a large collection of SF&F-related material in a basement. It dates back over 30 years and comprises “rare books, comics, fanzines, t-shirts and personal writings that relate to the science fiction community of Western Australia and Australia.” This includes, “copies of the Norstrilian News from 1972, Western Australian Science Fiction Association papers from 1977 and the complete personal collection of Leigh Edmonds which includes just about everything pertaining to fandom from 1972 onwards.”

Obviously such a collection needs work to catalog and preserve, and the university is reaching out to the SF&F community for help. They don’t have PayPal sorted yet, but hopefully they will do that, or something similar, soon. In the meantime you can learn more, and find out how to donate by mail, from their website.