Two Quick Links

If any of you were wondering how you might support the Girl Scouts of Colorado who agreed to admit a young trans girl to their ranks, you can now donate directly thanks to the good folks at TYFA. This link won’t be up for long. In the longer term the Girl Scouts movement wants donations to go into a central anti-bullying fund, not just to one troop, which seems wise. All is explained on the TYFA site.

(And Kim, you rock! Still. :-) )

On a much less happy note, various news feeds today have reported an horrific story of a young trans girl in Germany who is in danger of being committed to a mental health institution because her father disapproves of her identity. Here’s Pink News. And well done Jane for breaking the story.

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One Response to Two Quick Links

  1. Martha says:

    I saw that Berlin story. It’s horrific – barbaric. Surely something can be done.