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Happy Solstice

Here we go with another year’s Solstice card, which is avoiding wasting too many trees, not to mention time and money, on the greetings card business. Best wishes for today, and for any other seasonal festivals that you may have … Continue reading

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Museum of Inuit Art, Toronto

I had a little time to myself over last weekend in Toronto, so I took the opportunity to catch up with some culture. For this trip I visited the Museum of Inuit Art, which is in the Queen’s Quay building … Continue reading

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Year in Review on the Aqueduct

It being that time of year, my traditional Year in Review post is up at the Aqueduct Press blog. You can read it here. Hopefully it will make up a little for how little I have managed to review this … Continue reading

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How TERFs See Us

Mentioning that horrible Woman’s Hour program in my Radio 4 post reminded me that Sarah Brown came across some really weird stuff online recently. It is a sort of pop-psychology test designed to tell whether you are a trans woman … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Bristol – Enviroment & Race

My latest column for Bristol 24/7 is all about women in the environmental movement. In 2015 Bristol will be the European Green Capital, so you can expect to hear lots more green stuff from me through the year. This week’s … Continue reading

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Radio 4 Does Trans

You can’t move for falling over trans-related programming on Radio 4 at the moment. This is rather heartwarming after the appalling Women’s Hour program earlier this year that basically gave a notorious TERF an opportunity to spread lies about trans … Continue reading

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Voter Supression Update

This is a follow-up to my post from Monday about the new UK voter registration system that will force trans people to out themselves is they want to vote. Various people have taken an interest in this (thanks Talis), and … Continue reading

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A Quick #VATMOSS Update (#EUVAT)

While I have been busy rushing back and fore across the Atlantic, Juliet McKenna and the other women involved in the VATMOSS campaign have been very busy. On Tuesday there was another Twitter storm, which is where the #EUVAT hashtag … Continue reading

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Once There Were Heroes

This is another post about a Kickstarter campaign. Kevin Rolfe is raising funds to produce a sourcebook for a superhero role-playing game whose title can’t be mentioned for legal reasons but which will be familiar to anyone who played RPGs … Continue reading

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So Much For Voting, Then…

With a General Election due up in May of next year it seemed likely that the current UK government would follow the example of parts of the USA and try to prevent people who might disapprove of it from voting. … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman at the Merril

I have been lucky enough to be in Toronto when they had an author event on at the Merril Collection. This was Jill Lepore on tour with her new book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman. Naturally I went along. … Continue reading

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Doom, Gloom and #VATMOSS

While I’m busy with my day job in Canada, Juliet McKenna and her colleagues are beating their heads against the brick wall that is Whitehall. Juliet’s latest post is here, and in it she explains how HRMC found a solution … Continue reading

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And That’s How To Do Snow

It stopped snowing here last night. Temperatures overnight were below freezing, and stayed that way into the early morning when I had to get to the venue for the training course I am giving. I was expecting a nightmare of … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Toronto

I am here. I won’t be online much, partly because I am busy, and partly because the roaming charges are horrendous. I have put my phone in airplane mode so that the apps on it can’t rack up massive bills … Continue reading

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Me at Tor

I should be in the air by now, but according to the good folks at Tor something I wrote will be going live on the Tor UK and blogs around now. When I arrive in Toronto I am expected … Continue reading

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Lawyers Gone Crazy

I was checking Twitter on my way to Heathrow today when I stumbled upon the latest piece of excitement to hit my author friends. Apparently some large publishers are now demanding “non-compete” clauses in book contracts. Yes, that’s right, if … Continue reading

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Travel Warning

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll be flying to Toronto. It is a business trip, and very much a flying visit. I’ll be in meetings much of Thursday-Saturday, and I’m flying back Sunday night. I will have a bit of … Continue reading

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Le Guin Loves Finland

Today’s tweet stream wasn’t all rage-inducing. There were some very nice things too. Top of the list was this blog post by Ursula K. Le Guin in which she praises her Finnish publisher for getting the appearance of characters right … Continue reading

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Less of the Freak Show, Please

It is fairly rare that I get absolutely furious with someone on Twitter, but if I do it is almost always with the LGBT History Month account (@LGBTHM). They have a poor track record of insensitive posts about trans people. … Continue reading

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Some #VATMOSS Updates

First the good news. I have email from HMRC assuring me that I do not have to register for VAT provided that I sell exclusively through third party sites that collect VAT on my behalf. This means Amazon, Google Play, … Continue reading

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