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Just Human

Over Pride weekend in Bristol some of the young journalists from Rife Magazine work with a youth LGBT group to make a film about what people want from a relationship. There’s a rather lovely twist at the end that I … Continue reading

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A Brief Booker Comment

The Longlist for the 2014 Booker Prize has been announced. This year the prize has been opened up to inhabitants of the rebellious former colonies of North America, as well as citizens of the Commonwealth, presumably as an act of … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: WWI, Music Courses & Fair Trade

I’m online at the Ujima studios because I have a meeting this evening and won’t be home until late. Getting some blogging done is a much better use of my time than going shopping. Today’s show began with my friend … Continue reading

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Beth Gwinn Photo Kickstarter

My friend Beth Gwinn, who has been the main photographer for Locus for as long as I can remember, has a Kickstarter campaign going to fund production of a book of her photographs of science fiction and fantasy writers. The … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Revolting, In a Good Way

Last night’s BristolCon Fringe meeting was very interesting in two ways. Firstly, Ken Shinn had us agog with a tale about a demonic version of Benny Hill who has a drunken otter for a familiar. In addition our other guest, … Continue reading

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Leah Moore Interview

I have just uploaded the full version of the interview with Leah Moore than I made while I was in Liverpool. In addition to the material that we broadcast on Ujima Radio, this version contains a discussion of the Electricomics … Continue reading

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August Plans

People have been starting to ask me which conventions I will be at during August, so I thought that a post would be useful. I won’t be at Nine Worlds. I have to get work done some time, and there’s … Continue reading

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Juliet & the Waterstones Count

Yesterday Juliet McKenna put up a long post looking at the issue of how SF&F books are promoted by Waterstones. She has had some friends doing a survey of stores around the country. It looks like there is some pretty … Continue reading

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July Fringe

Since I have got back from Finland pretty much all I have wanted to do is sleep. However, it has just penetrating my fogged brain that there will be a BristolCon Fringe event on Monday, which I guess I must … Continue reading

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The Finncon LGBT Reading Lists

As promised, I have posted the LGBT Reading Lists that Suzanne Van Rooyen and I produced for the panel at Finncon. You can find them here. My apologies to everyone I have left out. I’m sure that there are lots … Continue reading

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Girl On Film

A couple of years ago I was interviewed for something called the Trans*Geek Movie. It is essentially a documentary project about trans people who are involved in geekdom. The project is being run on a shoestring so it is taking … Continue reading

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National Diversity Awards

So, yeah, popular vote stuff. Probably mainly an excuse for big corporations to advertise their support for diversity without actually having to practice it, and for celebrities to charge for their endorsement. And of course the awards will go to … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima – The Green Power Show

What I should have been doing yesterday was sleeping. What I actually did was host a 2-hour radio show on climate change and green power issues. We started out with a pre-recorded interview with Tobias Buckell whose new novel, Hurricane … Continue reading

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Today we traveled back to Helsinki from Jyväskylä. As usual, my Finnish friends insisted on showing me some of the best parts of their beautiful country. The day began with breakfast with Irma at a cafe on a place called … Continue reading

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Finncon – Day 4

I’m just back from the dead dog party. It is very late, so this will be brief. Hannu’s Guest of Honor event was wonderful. He talked for about 20 minutes on the history and symbolism of spacesuits. Then he read … Continue reading

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Finncon – Day 3

First up today was my LGBT superheroes talk. I didn’t count the audience, but it looked like at least 50 people. They laughed in all of the right places, which is good. Then I had a panel on “likeable” characters … Continue reading

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Finncon – Day 2

This morning it was back to the academic conference. Who would have thought that a discussion about biological determinism would arise from a close reading of the Narnia books? Most importantly for you folks, it has been confirmed that there … Continue reading

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Finncon – Day 1

Despite being up into the small hours watching Argentina & Netherlands try to bore each other into submission, Otto, Paula and I were up early this morning to drive to Jyväskylä. It is around a 3 hour trip, but we … Continue reading

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Finncon, Day 0

Bear & Scott: “We’re very sorry, thanks to a mechanical problem we missed our connection in Iceland and we’ll be a few hours late.” Finns: “Yeah, no worries. We remember when an airline lost Joe Haldeman. We coped with that. … Continue reading

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Fringe Special at Word of Mouth

Once a year the BristolCon crowd takes over Word of Mouth, a monthly reading series run by Tangent Books and hosted by the Thunderbolt pub. Normally we’d put these readings on the BristolCon Fringe podcast stream, but that has limited … Continue reading

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