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TDOR Video

The Lord Mayor of Bristol, the Rt. Hon. Councillor Alastair Watson raises the transgender flag outside City Hall to mark the Trans Day of Remembrance. This is the first ever civic event in Bristol organized for trans people. The event … Continue reading

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The TDOR Ceremony

Our TDOR Remembrance Ceremony took place last night. It was attended by 28 people, most of whom were trans, and at least three of whom were people of color. (I say “at least” because I don’t know how everyone identifies.) … Continue reading

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Bristol 24/7 TDOR Coverage

One of the things I did yesterday while I was in Bristol was write an article about TDOR, and how Bristol compares to other cities as far as trans rights goes. That went live today in Bristol 24/7 as part … Continue reading

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Flag in the Post

The raising of the trans flag at City Hall has made it into the Bristol Post (I’m guessing only the website, but if there is a paper version I’d love a copy). The caption for that photo is: “Bristol City … Continue reading

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TDOR in Progress in Bristol

Well that went very well. We had a large group of people at City Hall to witness the raising of the Transgender Flag. Many of them were trans. There were also lots of allies, including the Rainbow Group, the Council’s … Continue reading

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Trans Day of Remembrance 2014

While TDOR is still a very sad and solemn event, one of the benefits is that there is increasing media interest in it. That means slightly more favorable coverage of trans issues than we are used to. In yesterday’s Guardian … Continue reading

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Slow Living, TDOR and HIV on Ujima

Today’s Women’s Outlook started quietly enough. In the studio for the first half hour was Jo Keeling who, amongst other things, is the founder of Ernest Journal, a magazine dedicated to a slow and considered lifestyle, and made in a … Continue reading

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Dortmund Eurocon Bid Interview

Over on Europa SF there is an interview with Arno Behrend, the leader of the bid to bring Eurocon to Dortmund in 2017. I have long been of the opinion that European fandom needs to fully embrace large countries such … Continue reading

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Trans Awareness Interview

It being Trans Awareness Week, I figured this would be a good time to post the interview that I did on the Kizzy Morrell Show last month. It being live radio, it is not perfect. I’m particularly annoyed with myself … Continue reading

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New Writing

Last night (UK time) a new ebook appeared on the Twelfth Planet Press website. It is the Galactic Suburbia Scrapbook, which advertises itself as containing, “some of the highlights of 4 years and 100 episodes of Alex, Alisa and Tansy … Continue reading

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Music Video Before MTV

I woke up this morning to find Kate Elliott on Twitter saying that she was old because she remembered the early days of MTV. I am SO OLD that my then-fiance & I used to go to a frozen yoghurt … Continue reading

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Coming Next Spring – New Justina

This is a cover for something you can’t get yet. The Glorious Angels is the new science fiction novel from Justina Robson, which is due out next spring. I’m very excited. Hopefully a lot of you are too.

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Available Now – Roz’s Resurrections

It is a fairly depressing day online: people’s parents dying, cats dying and so on. To cheer myself up I thought I’d post some nice book covers. This is one for a book you can get now, because it was … Continue reading

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A Brush With Celebrity

The Bath event was for a biography with Gareth Thomas, who is one of the UK’s most famous gay men. Obviously he’s not in the same league as Elton John and Ian McKellen, but for reasons that should become obvious … Continue reading

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Historical Fantasy at Foyles

After the radio show I managed to find Juliet in time for us to have lunch and see a bit of Bristol before the event. Juliet asked to see an art gallery, so I took her up Park Street to … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima – Historical Fantasy Preview

I wasn’t in the studio for long yesterday. I just had a half hour slot previewing the Historical Fantasy event we would be doing in Foyles that evening. I had been expecting Juliet McKenna to join me, but an accident … Continue reading

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A Little Civil Rights Campaigning

If you listened to last week’s Women’s Outlook show you will have heard from a very articulate young man called David McLeod. David is something of a legend in the Bristol Afro-Caribbean community, having successfully won a racial discrimination case … Continue reading

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Game of History Reminder

As noted last week, tomorrow evening I will be chairing an event at Foyles in Bristol. It will feature Juliet E. McKenna, Lucienne Boyce, Helen Hollick and Jack Wolf. I hope to see some of you there. Also, Juliet and … Continue reading

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The Future is Luxurious, and French

Well here is an exciting thing. The Comité Colbert is a trade association of French luxury goods manufacturers founded in 1954. Members produce all sorts of things from fashion to champagne to furniture. Also, crucially, some of them publish books. … Continue reading

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Giant Squid Book

Last week I got tempted by a very big book. This one. Yes, I know, it is Lovecraft. But if you want to deconstruct Lovecraft you have to know a bit about what he wrote, and this book looks invaluable … Continue reading

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