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The 2014 SF&F Count

Yesterday Strange Horizons published their annual statistics on gender and race balance in SF&F. The full article is here. I’m pleased to see that they are now acknowledging non-binary people in the count. The data is only for the US … Continue reading

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Thoughts on #TDoV

1. As usual, Laverne Cox says things better than I can. 2. If UK people want to do something to help, one thing that would be very useful is to promote the Trans Manifesto. You can find out more about … Continue reading

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Getting Visible

Tomorrow (March 31st) is the International Trans Day of Visibility. The idea of the day is for trans people who have the luxury of being out to stick their heads above the parapet for a while, remind the world that … Continue reading

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That Was Trans*Code

Many of you will be familiar with the idea of hack days — where a bunch of programmers get together and throw together some interesting and innovative applications, or at least demos of what will be applications after a lot … Continue reading

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Dimension 6: Issue #4

This is going to be a busy weekend, but I’m popping by briefly because I’ve been asked to tell you that the latest issue of Dimension 6, the free Australian speculative fiction magazine, is now available. You can download it … Continue reading

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Launching Holdfast: Year 1

I’m just in from the launch of the Year 1 anthology for Holdfast Magazine. Lucy & Laurel have done a fine job with the book, which is a really beautiful object. I’d support something called Holdfast anyway, because I love … Continue reading

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Inverted World at Mr. B’s

This evening I was in Bath for the Mr. B’s SF Book Club. The chosen book for this month was Inverted World by Chris Priest. It got a mixed reception. One of the more interesting things about the book club … Continue reading

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Holdfast Anthology Launch

Tomorrow night in London the lovely people from Holdfast Magazine will be launching their first print anthology. The event will be at the College Arms in Store Street, not far from the British Museum. Details here. According to Facebook some … Continue reading

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The Liverpool University SF Collection

Liverpool University is home to the only major collection of SF&F literature in the UK. The material came mainly from the Science Fiction Foundation, but a number of authors and fans have also donated material. Andy Sawyer, the librarian, gave … Continue reading

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Bacon Beer

After the talk I went out for a few drinks with Leah Moore and John Reppion. Leah took me to a Mexican restaurant that had quite nice food but rather over the top decoration – masked wrestlers, movie posters showing … Continue reading

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The Liverpool Talk

Well, as I said this morning, that was fun. I had some idea of what to expect because the talk had been on Eventbrite, but the last figure I’d been given was 60, and for a free event a significant … Continue reading

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Thanks to Peter Wong for the tip-off.

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Thank You, Liverpool

Last night was great, particularly the response from the audience. Loads of people came up to me afterwards and said they’d be going out to buy books. I’ll do a longer post later, with the slide pack, but I can’t … Continue reading

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Liverpool Reminder

On Monday I will be heading for Liverpool University to deliver a lecture, “Exploring Gender Fluidity Through Science Fiction and Fantasy”. Apparently they have 60 people booked in already, but there is still room if anyone else wants to come. … Continue reading

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Introducing Acheron – Italian SF&F in English

Here’s a great project. Acheron Books is a new Italian company that exists to publish Italian SF&F as eBooks in English translation. You can find out more about them, and read some samples, at their website. There are seven books … Continue reading

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Paul Cornell at BristolCon Fringe

Last night saw the March meeting of BristolCon fringe. The readers were Chris Cutting and Paul Cornell. Chris is more an actor/director/playwright than an author, so I’m not sure how his piece will come over as a recording. Bristol residents … Continue reading

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New Fafnir

The first 2015 issue of Fafnir, the Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research, is now available online. Some of the articles in this issue are in Finnish, but English-language readers may well be interested in an article titled … Continue reading

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A Weird, Weird World

In my Twitter feed this morning was a link to a piece in Buzzfeed in which David Cameron is on film saying we need to do more on trans rights (and sort of agreeing with my comments about education being … Continue reading

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Launching the GlitterShip

Here’s another Kickstarter project that I have backed recently. GlitterShip is a science fiction and fantasy podcast series that will focus solely on stories with an LGBTQ theme. It will be produced by the very splendid Keffy Kehrli. The campaign … Continue reading

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Castles in Spain Reminder

The Kickstarter campaign for Castles in Spain, the anthology of translated Spanish science fiction and fantasy has entered its final week. They are 94% funded, and have 4 days to go. I’m sure we can make that. Also they put … Continue reading

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