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Memories of Åcon 7

The latest issue of Tähtivaeltaja was waiting for me when I got home this evening. It includes a lengthy article about Karen Lord, illustrated in part with pictures from her Guest of Honor stint at Åcon 7. The one below … Continue reading

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China Comes To Clarkesworld – #WITMonth

The new issue of Clarkesworld is now online. It includes “Spring Festival: Happiness, Anger, Love, Sorrow, Joy”, a story by Chinese writer, Xia Jia, whose work I highlighted recently. Also in this issue is “Patterns of a Murmuration, in Billions … Continue reading

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Apex Flash Fiction Contest

Apex magazine is running a flash fiction contest called Steal the Spotlight. The word limit is 250 and there are five categories: sea monsters, black dog/Hellhounds, banshees, science experiments gone wrong, and demons. You can enter once per category. Every … Continue reading

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Big Donation for Eaton Collection

A local paper in Riverside reports a major donation of $3.5m to the Eaton Collection. The money comes from the estate of a long-time fan, Jay Kay Klein, who died in 2012. This is apparently the largest donation ever made … Continue reading

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New Book on Posthuman Life

My friend David Roden, who is a Professor of Philosophy specializing in transhumanist thought, has published a new book called Posthuman Life: Philosophy at the Edge of the Human. You can read more about it here. Being an academic book, … Continue reading

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Translation Panels at Worldcon

There were many different panels on translation at Loncon 3. I went to most of them. Although they all had subtly different slants, they all ended up asking pretty much the same question: how the heck can we get more … Continue reading

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Carla Cristina Pereira – #WITMonth

My final Americas post for Women in Translation Month is a bit of a cheat. For six years Carla Cristina Pereira was fêted as one of the leading feminist speculative fiction writers in Brazil. Then it was discovered that she … Continue reading

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Personal Update

The situation with the care workers got a bit better yesterday after we were visited by some managers rather than just minions. The minions might see that things are going wrong, but they aren’t allowed to do anything, or recommend … Continue reading

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Rainbow Jews Crowdfunder

My friend Surat Knan is running a crowdfunding campaign to help support their Rainbow Jews project. If you have any interest in LGBT history, and in particular if you do so and are Jewish, you may want to support this … Continue reading

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Cosmos Latinos – #WITMonth

One of the best ways to acquaint yourself with fiction from Latin America remains the fabulous Cosmos Latinos anthology which I reviewed for Emerald City back in 2004. It contains stories by both Latina authors I have mentioned thus far: … Continue reading

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A Little Venting

As some of you will know, my mother had to go into hospital briefly last week. Other family members have been doing a good job helping out while I have had other commitments, but I’m free of that stuff now … Continue reading

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Daína Chaviano – #WITMonth

Cubans come in two types: those who still live in Cuba, and those who have left to live elsewhere in the world (often the USA). Daína Chaviano falls into the latter group, but she still counts as one of Latin … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Australians!

It was my great pleasure to welcome four Australian writers into the Women’s Outlook studio today. Cat Sparks, Donna Hanson, Rob Hood and Matt Ferrer are on vacation together after Worldcon and kindly agreed to come and talk to me … Continue reading

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Élisabeth Vonarburg – #WITMonth

It isn’t only the more southerly parts of the Americas where you can find women who write in languages other than English. Today’s Women in Translation Month post features Élisabeth Vonarburg, who lives in Quebec. She has a number of … Continue reading

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VanderMeers in Bristol

Last night I got to interview two of my favorite people: Ann & Jeff VanderMeer. This was at an event at The Lansdown co-sponsored by BristolCon, Bristol Festival of Literature, Small Stories and Wizard’s Tower. I don’t think I was … Continue reading

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Angélica Gorodischer – #WITMonth

This week’s prompt for Women in Translation Month is the Americas, so naturally I am starting with Argentina’s Angélica Gorodischer. Small Beer press have her Trafalgar, translated by Amalia Gladhart, and next year they will be publishing Prodigies, translated by … Continue reading

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Country Tagging

Yesterday I was tweeting with Crystal Huff about the number of different countries we had met people from over the past two weeks. I thought it might be useful to give an impression of just how international the SF&F community … Continue reading

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Eurocon – Day 3

Yesterday was rather more busy than I had hoped, though much of that was my fault for a) buying a Jim Fitzpatrick print (which then needed careful packing) and b) watching the Grand Prix. Anyway, I got through my final … Continue reading

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Eurocon – Recommended Reading

The following recommendations come from the panels on translations, on non-Anglo SF&F, and on Polish SF. These are from Andrzej Sapkowski who, much to my delight, came to the translations panel with a printed list: Miroslav Žamboch (Czech) – Nuclear … Continue reading

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Eurocon – Invisible Women

My first panel today (at 10:00am! — huge thanks to Laura Ann Gilman for fetching me coffee) was on invisible women. We covered most of the usual topics that regular readers have doubtless seen here many times before. I was … Continue reading

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