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Miss Universe Does Cosplay

I’m not a huge fan of beauty pageants, especially where kids are involved, though I quite understand the sense of validation that some women, especially trans women, get from them. There just isn’t much for me in them, usually. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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The Wheels of Government Turn

This afternoon I headed into Bristol for this event, billed at “Government’s Women’s Engagement Event for Lesbian, Bisexual & Trans* Women In the South West”. It was part of a government initiative to gauge the views of the nation’s women … Continue reading

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In Which I Destroy Feminist Science Fiction

I have been boring you on Twitter for days now about the Queers Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter, but I’m going to mention it again because I can reveal that I have a part in it. You may remember that last … Continue reading

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Dealing With A TERF Infestation

As some of you may know, Bristol University recently suffered an attack of TERFs. Some of those terribly persistent Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists decided to try to make trans students at the University feel unwelcome and unsafe there. This all … Continue reading

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Apex World SF #4

I have received a press release about the 4th volume of the Apex Book of World SF. This one will be edited by Mahvesh Murad who is from from Karachi in Pakistan. Lavie Tidhar is staying on as series editor. … Continue reading

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News From Wizard’s Tower

I’ve just sent out a press release from Wizard’s Tower. This isn’t (immediately) about VAT. It is about two new books that we’ll be publishing shortly. Well, I say new. They are actually old books to which we are giving … Continue reading

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History – It’s (Mostly) Fun

I used to really enjoy history as a kid, and I might well have taken it up as a career had my parents not so badly wanted me to be a scientist. Running role-playing campaigns allowed me to indulge my … Continue reading

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Buy A Castle In Spain

Well, not precisely. Castles in Spain is the name of a new anthology, currently being crowdfunded, that will feature English language translations (and the original Spanish*) of some of the very best of Spanish science fiction, fantasy and horror. It … Continue reading

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It’s Destroyin’ Time

Here I am channeling my internal Ben Grimm. Or possibly my internal Drax. Whatever, it is time to destroy science fiction again. This time we are doing it with glitter. Yes, as you may have noticed from Twitter, the Queers … Continue reading

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Launching the Monkey

This evening I was in Bristol for the launch of the third and final volume of Gareth L. Powell’s Ack-Ack Macaque trilogy, Macaque Attack. As promised in his bet with Twitter, Gareth turned up dressed as his hero. Here is … Continue reading

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Jalada Does Afrofuturism

Jalada, a pan-African literary magazine, has published a new issue devoted to Afrofuturism. There are a few big names in there, such as Sofia Samatar, Nnedi Okorafor and Ytasha Womack, but there are lots of names unfamiliar to me. I’m … Continue reading

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The UK Takes A Stand On Conversion Therapy

Today the UK Council for Psychotherapy is meeting with the Department of Health to launch an agreement on actions to end the practice of conversion therapy in the UK. You can find the UKCP announcement here. While this is generally … Continue reading

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Translated Fiction Survey

There is a project going on at Bristol University at the moment that is looking at translation of literature from smaller European nations. As part of this they have a reader survey on SurveyMonkey. I am sure that they would … Continue reading

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The Representation Project

Much of the conversation in the round table last night revolved around how solving issues such as rape and harassment will require us to tackle deep-seated problems with the way human society works. This has to start young, and it … Continue reading

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Round Table on Violence Against Women

This evening I took myself into Bristol to the offices of The Bristol Cable, where I participated in a round table on the subject of violence again women. Assuming all went well, this will be podcast sometime soon. My fellow … Continue reading

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Philip K. Dick Award Nominees

The nominees for this year’s Philip K. Dick Award have been announced. They are as follows: Elysium, Jennifer Marie Brissett (Aqueduct Press) The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter, Rod Duncan (Angry Robot) The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, Meg Elison (Sybaritic Press) Memory … Continue reading

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That Time Of Year Again

I see from Twitter that people are complaining about writers listing their award-eligible work again. How refreshing and innovative. Not. As many smarter and more eloquent people than me have said before, the people who get bullied into remaining silent … Continue reading

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Too Crazy To Drive

Just in case anyone is wondering why I am not going to the Eurocon in St. Petersburg this year, here’s a clue as to one reason. According to that BBC report, trans people are now banned from driving in Russia … Continue reading

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New Fafnir Published

A new issue of Fafnir, the Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research, is now available online. I shall definitely be having a read as there is no way I can resist an article whose abstract begins thus: In … Continue reading

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New Edition of the Anime Encyclopedia

My inbox yesterday included an announcement that in March there will be a new edition of Jonathan Clements’ and Helen McCarthy’s Anime Encyclopedia, a fabulous work of reference. The announcement includes the usual blurb about thousands of new entries (apparently … Continue reading

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