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New From Aqueduct

I have email today from the very fine people at Aqueduct Press, informing me of new books that they have available. A couple of them look very interesting. The first is a new novel from Andrea Hairston. Will Do Magic … Continue reading

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The LRB Does Trans

The London Review of Books normally only features in this blog when I am reporting on the VIDA count — it has a lamentable record. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t publish women at all. The forthcoming issue will … Continue reading

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Eastern Tide in Store

Copies of Eastern Tide, the final volume in Juliet McKenna’s Aldabreshin Compass series, is now available from Google, Kobo and Nook (the latter US only). Amazon are doing their usual thing of making me jump through hoops to prove that … Continue reading

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Fantastically Horny: Final Reminder

The crowdfunding effort for the Far Horizons Press anthologies has just a few days to run. It is a flexible funding thing, so the books are going to happen even though it is a long way from the target. I … Continue reading

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Hugo Finalists Announced Tonight

This year’s Worldcon, MidAmericon II, will be announcing the finalists for the 2016 Hugo Awards today. The announcements will be made through their social media channels (Twitter, Facebook), and doubtless echoed by all and sundry. This will be, err, interesting…

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The Aldabreshin Compass Covers

I’ve been wanting to post this for a long time. Here is the full set of Aldabreshin Compass covers. Huge thanks to Ben Baldwin for his magnificent work. By the way, Ben says on his website that most of his … Continue reading

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The Science of Sex Chromosomes

One of the most common attacks on trans people that I see can be summed up as, “But, CHROMOSOMES!!!”. We know, after all, that our chromosomes are in every cell of our bodies. We are, allegedly, indelibly either male or … Continue reading

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Tide Coming In

Eastern Tide, the final volume in Juliet E McKenna’s Aldabreshin Compass series, will be available in the usual ebook stores later this week. Once again we have some magnificent cover art by Ben Baldwin. Juliet has various guest posts planned … Continue reading

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I Am Cait #2.7

The season finale of season 2 of I Am Cait aired in the USA yesterday. Here in the UK we have just got episode 7, so that’s what I’ll be talking about today. The first topic of the show was … Continue reading

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That Was Trans*Code

I spent most of yesterday at Trans*Code, a meet-up for trans people and allies in the IT industry. It is primarily a hack day, so various interesting projects got started. Here’s a run-down of what we did. Clothing Exchange – … Continue reading

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Students Are Awesome

These days if you read about British students in the mainstream press it is almost always in the context that they are a bunch of Fascist prudes hell-bent on preventing anyone saying anything about anything. That, of course, is because … Continue reading

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This Is What It Sounds Like…

… When Gods die. The original art is by Brian Bolland. The animated gif was made by Scott M. McDaniel and is part of this fascinating analysis of the image. My May 4th show on Ujima will be a Prince … Continue reading

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Mike Carey and Me in Bristol

As many of you will know, Mike Carey has a new book out: Fellside. Mike is doing a promotional event at Waterstones in Bristol on the evening of May 18th. I am delighted to have been asked to interview him. … Continue reading

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The Force Awakens On Disc

Because I am addicted to the extras you get when you buy a movie on disc I got myself a copy of The Force Awakens as soon as it came out. I have the Blu Ray edition, which is two … Continue reading

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The Ghost of the Shakespeare Tavern

Last night’s BristolCon Fringe went very well. We had 12 readers in all, two of whom were reading in public for the first time and did really well. You will doubtless see people on social media muttering about “the eyeball”. … Continue reading

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Kingston University Does Gender – Thursday Night

I have been planning to spend this coming weekend in London for some time, because Trans*Code is happening. Then last week I got an invitation to be part of a panel on gender organised by Kingston University Students’ Union. As … Continue reading

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Marketing Evil

I’ve just been to Tesco for various things, including picking up my copy of The Force Awakens. They have this special offer going on where you can select a Dark Side or Light Side limited edition cover. From a style … Continue reading

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The Obligatory One Year Older Post

It is once again that time of year when my Facebook timeline fills up with messages from people I don’t really know. There are apparently some 130+ of them already. My apologies if I don’t respond to them all individually. … Continue reading

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I Am Cait #2.6

The latest episode of I Am Cait to screen in the UK was all about (ex-)wives. Kris Jenner put in an appearance, and awkward conversations were had. Mostly what I want to say about this is that such issues are … Continue reading

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Fringe Open Mic on Monday

The April edition of BristolCon Fringe will take place on Monday. April is traditionally our Open Mic event, which means that anyone can turn up and ask to read. The only limitation is that you have only 5 minutes. I … Continue reading

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