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Women in Translation – The Numbers

Over at the Three Percent blog Chad W Post has some data on the gender of writers whose work gets translated. This is for all fiction, not just SF&F, and the publication dates covered are 2008-2014. The numbers are stark. … Continue reading

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Introducing Sanctum

A very strange and innovate performance art event will be taking place in Bristol shortly. For 24 days in late October and early November Temple Church (built by the Knights Templar and now a Grade II listed building) will be … Continue reading

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Angry Robot Open Door Period

I was talking the other day about how one of the barriers to getting published for people from diverse backgrounds is the agent system, whereby you can’t get your book in front of a publisher unless you have an agent, … Continue reading

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Data, Lovely Data

Many of you will remember Nicola Griffith’s investigations into who gets to win literary awards, and who they have to write about to get one. The most interesting thing to come out of Nicola’s work is that not only are … Continue reading

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Another Essay on Writing Trans Characters

While I was writing my essay on writing trans characters for Strange Horizons, a young person called Vee was writing one for The Gay YA, a website that focuses on LGBT+ issues in YA fiction (of all genres). Vee’s essay … Continue reading

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Last Day for GUFF Ballot

Today is the final day of voting for this year’s GUFF ballot. There is only one candidate, Jukka Halme. However, it is important that people do vote because voting is the only way that GUFF gets any money. Without votes, … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Science

There are many ways in which life is easier for trans kids these days. Of course there are ways it is harder too. I don’t know if I would have survived going through school as trans. But I could have … Continue reading

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Bath Does Diversity

Yes, yes, I know. Diversity in Bath generally means something like whether you would allow people to have Merlot with Sunday lunch rather than the more traditional Claret. However, yesterday the Bath Children’s Literature Festival ran a “Daily Telegraph Debate” … Continue reading

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Writing Better Trans Characters

Oh, really? What would I know about writing characters? Quite. But I do know a bit about being trans. So I have had opinions, over at Strange Horizons.

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Kristine Kathryn Rusch on Coode Street

As everyone knows, no women wrote, or even read, science fiction before 2014. Indeed, historians disagree as to whether women even existed prior to the 21st century. Maverick historians like Amanda Foreman have advanced the theory that the human race … Continue reading

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That Was BristolCon

A con report. I have written it. Here.

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Well Done, Boys

Bring on Fiji.

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Coming Soon from Wizard’s Tower

The Colin Harvey hardcovers will be on sale at BristolCon, and through other venues soon thereafter. My next project is the Aldabreshin Compass series from Juliet E. McKenna. We’ll be publishing all four books, one per month, from October onwards. … Continue reading

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Total Self Indulgence

Janelle MonĂ¡e, Nile Rodgers and Simon Le Bon. What could possibly go wrong? I am so playing this on my next show.

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The Ascent of Woman, Part 4

So there was another episode of Dr. Amanda Foreman’s wonderful documentary series This one took us up to the present day, and focused on revolutionary movements. It also took us back to Africa, which I was very pleased about. Foreman … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – BristolCon, Stephanie, Art & Refugees

Today’s Women’s Outlook show had a lot of science fiction content. For the first half hour I was joined by Joanne Hall, the Chair of BristolCon. We discussed the various things that people will be able to see and do … Continue reading

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Spontaneous “Sex Changes” – For Real

OK, so “sex change” is not a approved term these days, and anyway doesn’t really happen as such, but that doesn’t stop people wishing. I know when I was a kid I used to go to bed dreaming that when … Continue reading

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I Am Cait – Episode 8

The show has clearly been building up to a grand finale of Caitlyn and Kris facing off, and indeed has trailed this whenever they could. Thankfully, while it did take up a substantial part of the show, it was not … Continue reading

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BristolCon Next Week

Yep, it is only a week to go to BristolCon. Because I host the website I see the committee emails go through and I know how hard Jo and her team are working. But that’s all under the surface. I’m … Continue reading

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National Diversity Awards

So I’ve been up late and pacing around nervously. No, it was nothing to do with England’s last second try in the rugby. I have been watching the results come in for the National Diversity Awards. Commiserations to my pal … Continue reading

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