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BristolCon Fringe – Emma & Pete Newman

I have another set of BristolCon Fringe podcasts uploaded for you. Both readings are from forthcoming books, so this is an ideal opportunity to try before you buy. First up we have Pete Newman reading from The Vagrant, forthcoming in … Continue reading

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Much Better Trans Actress News

So yeah, as per yesterday, mostly Hollywood is pretty crap when it comes to trans characters. But what if one of the directors happens to be a trans woman herself. Yesterday Netflix set a date of Friday June 5th for … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds: TNG

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of Jeff Wayne’s musical version of the HG Wells novel, The War of the Worlds. It was first released in 1978, and you can get an idea of its … Continue reading

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Of Actors and Plots

Some of you may have seen a fair amount of discussion online about the decision to cast Eddie Redmayne in the part of the pioneering trans woman, Lili Elbe, for a forthcoming movie, The Danish Girl. Paris Lees does her … Continue reading

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Trans History Update 2: An Ancient Greek Trans Man

My other update comes courtesy of a Twitter used called Snek who posted an extract from a work by Lucian of Samaosata. Lucian was a Greek writer who lived in what is modern day Turkey under the Roman Empire (2nd … Continue reading

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Trans History Update 1: Assyrian Eunuchs

I did a lot of research for my Trans History talk this year, but I’m already learning new things that I wish I had included. I’ll blog about some of the more spectacular ones here. For this update I have … Continue reading

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History Month: It’s A Wrap

Phew, that’s over! The end of February was very busy (hence the lack of bloggage). Following up on the panel at Bristol University, I was at Bath University on Thursday to give a repeat of my Trans History talk. It … Continue reading

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Brief UBU Follow-Up

There’s a point I made at the debate at UBU last night that I’d like to spread a bit wider. When I was talking about lack of inclusion of PoC in LGBT activism, I tried this little test on the … Continue reading

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On the Future of the LGBT+ Movement

Last night I was honored to be asked to be part of a panel at Bristol University Students’ Union (UBU) that was discussing the question: “What Next for the LGBT+ Movement Following the Passing of the Same Sex Marriage Act?”. … Continue reading

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Safe Spaces

As a general rule I think that comparing the oppression that one minority group gets to that another minority group gets is a bad idea. I get very irritated by people who, when on the receiving end of prejudice, go … Continue reading

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New In Stores – The Assassin’s Edge

The latest release from Wizard’s Tower, The Assassin’s Edge by Juliet E. McKenna, is now available in the major online stores. Links here. I’d like to say it is in our store too, but of course the VAT nonsense has … Continue reading

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Pattern Reproduction

This morning I saw this fine tweet on the excellent Media Diversified feed. Notice how often people of colour aren't allowed to define what's racist? Or what offends? Jus sayin (SS) — Media Diversified (@WritersofColour) February 24, 2015 It … Continue reading

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Attention Liverpool

On Monday March 23rd I will be giving a public lecture entitled, “Exploring Gender Fluidity Through Science Fiction and Fantasy” at Liverpool University. The event is sponsored by Flagship, the university’s LGBT lecture series, by the University Library (which has … Continue reading

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Some Basic Points

Elsewhere I am still seeing people concern-trolling about how unfairly the poor TERFS are being treated by the horrid trans people. Why, people keep asking, are trans folk not prepared to debate important issues? Well, here are a few things … Continue reading

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Yet More Science

Thanks to a recent repeat I was able to catch up on a 2013 BBC Horizon program. This was a fix-up show using archive footage from a number of early programs, and connected by a framing narrative provided by Alice … Continue reading

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VATMOSS Twitter Storms Tomorrow

As you may have seen, Juliet McKenna got to go to Downing Street last week as part of a delegation taking the VAT campaign directly to the Prime Minster’s advisers. That’s serious progress. The next step in the campaign happens … Continue reading

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A Little Ancient History

BBC4 is currently running a short series of archaeology programmes called Digging for Britain. Fronted by Alice Roberts, it provides updates on a range of ongoing investigations around the country. I’ve just caught up with the West Country episode, and … Continue reading

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Launching The Ship

Yesterday I made my way into Bristol to help out at an event organized by the Bristol Festival of Literature. It was the launch, at Foyles, of The Ship, a debut novel by Antonia Honeywell. Given that the book is … Continue reading

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Evil Exposed! Shock! Horror!

Throughout the past week British newspapers have been full or articles from prominent left-wing intellectuals explaining how a vicious and violent campaign of bullying and censorship by the “powerful trans lobby” has prevented them from expressing their views in public. … Continue reading

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Science! It Is Getting Everywhere

While I was having a go at the New Statesman over their lack of understanding of biology, people with far more knowledge of the subject than me were also beavering away on articles. You have probably already seen this article … Continue reading

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