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Sex On Sunday

I spent part of Sunday morning catching up on the final episode of Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch’s three-part BBC2 documentary series, Sex and the Church. It is a history of the increasingly fraught relationship between Christianity and sex. Part I is … Continue reading

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Queer Vision Launch

Bristol’s new year-round LGBT film festival, Queer Vision, launched yesterday with a bunch of great short films from the Iris Prize archives. I really enjoyed the whole hour’s program, which ranged from the deeply tragic to the delightfully comic. The … Continue reading

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Trans Kids Wrap-Up

The media onslaught on the trans kids issue continued for a few days after my last post on the subject. I had intended to say more about it at the time, but other things got in the way. I’m coming … Continue reading

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Puppygate – Winners and Losers

That image is from issue #70 of Doom Patrol, published by Vertigo in 1993 and written by Rachel Pollack. The woman in the frog mask is Kate Godwin, a.k.a. Coagula, a trans woman superhero. The words are, of course, mine. … Continue reading

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Book Review – Signal to Noise

Here’s another book review for you. I owe Gary Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan for this one, because I would never have even noticed it without them. I’m really pleased that they talked about it, because it is a lovely book. … Continue reading

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That’s How To Do A Book Launch

Yeah, that’s a donut tree, fruiting with strawberries. Sarah Hilary does book launches in style. Congratulations to all involved, especially Lydia who made the donuts and the tree. A good time was had by all. And now I am off … Continue reading

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Evil Is As Evil Looks

Sometimes the Covet cosplay events are really easy, because I just channel myself. Case in point, we were asked to style a look for the Dark Queen of the Underworld. Here I am, contemplating sacrificing puppies. By the way, that … Continue reading

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Stories for Chip

Here’s the latest crowdfunding project that you should be following. It is an anthology called Stories for Chip. It is being published by Bill Campbell’s Rosarium Press — the same people who did the Mothership anthology — and it is … Continue reading

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Well That Was Fun

Last night’s BristolCon Fringe open mic night went very well, I thought. And that’s despite Roz having to rush off early to look after her new puppy and leaving me to host the event. We note that the new puppy … Continue reading

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Fringe Open Mic Tonight

BristolCon Fringe is having an open mic event tonight. Everyone is welcome to come along and read, but only for 5 minutes. I’ll be reading a bit from a story I wanted to do for Long Hidden but ended up … Continue reading

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Write Like a Grrrl Comes to Bristol

The fine folks at For Books Sake will be running a one-day intensive fiction-writing workshop in Bristol on June 20th. At £80 it is quite expensive, but I’ve heard really good things about the longer version of the course. Also … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

As those of you who are on social media will have noticed, yesterday was my birthday. It always weirds me out the way such things work these days. Facebook, in particular, sends me a couple of hundred birthday wishes, many … Continue reading

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My Golden Angel

The latest cosplay-themed contest in Covet Fashion to come back from judging is Golden Angel. While I was putting the outfit together I realized that the model I had in mind to wear it was Laverne Cox. Here she is, … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Words at Bath Uni

Last night I was an invited panelist at a meeting of the Bath University LGBT+ Group. It was an intersectional event, and the panel includes representatives from the university’s race and gender equality groups (though not a disability activist, which … Continue reading

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Juliet Interviewed

A little bit of Wizard’s Tower news. The fabulous Juliet E. McKenna has been interviewed by The Skiffy and Fanty Show. According to the blurb she talks about, “her work, politics and their influence, her experience with historical research, and … Continue reading

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Reviewers Wanted

I’ve had two requests today from people who are looking for book reviewers, so I am passing them on. First up is a new venture called Shoreline of Infinity. It is a new magazine based in Scotland. They plan to … Continue reading

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Cersi is a Winner

Every so often Covet Fashion has what are essentially cosplay competitions, in that you have to style a look from fiction. This week, to coincide with the start of the new series of Game of Thrones, they asked us to … Continue reading

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Blade Runner – Flash Fiction

In the future, in a world not unlike The Culture, gender transitions are absolute. Biological science has advanced to the point at which they can re-program your entire body, even editing your chromosomes. Of course you do still want to … Continue reading

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The Monet Dress

Years ago, when I had money (because I was still trying to pretend to be a man), I used to buy magazines like Cosmo and Marie Claire and study the fashion pages. I even, for a while, wrote a fashion … Continue reading

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Exploring Gender Fluidity through Science Fiction and Fantasy

This talk is full of spoilers for the various books that are discussed. The audio track is a bit quiet, but I’m playing it through speakers and it is clear enough. My thanks again to the University of Liverpool, Professor … Continue reading

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