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Coming Soon in That London: Nigerian Fantasy, Arabic SF

Geoff Ryman has alerted me to an event featuring top Nigerian fantasy writer, Okey Ndibe. It is taking place on Saturday at Book & Kitchen. Details are as follows: Saturday 1st November, 2014 4.00 pm at BOOK AND KITCHEN 31 … Continue reading

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This Week’s Radio – Food, Feminism, Lady Mayoress

First up on Wednesday’s show I interviewed Daphne Lambert who is crowdfunding a book called Living Food: A Feast For Soil & Soul on Unbound. There was some general chat about seasonal food, healthy food, environmental awareness and so on. … Continue reading

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Scary Monsters?

What’s the scariest thing you can see on Halloween? Well for some people it is apparently Moomins. Not these Moomins, though. They definitely have teh cute. They were pointed out to me by a kindly Twitter follower from Japan. You … Continue reading

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Next Year’s Costume

It is a bit late for this year, but next year my Halloween icon is going to be this magnificent drawing by Simon Gane (who lives in Bath — hint, hint, BristolCon). You can find it, and a whole lot … Continue reading

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Halloween Sale – Monster Hunters

It is Halloween, and the world is full of Ghoulies, Ghosties, Long-legged Beasties and Things that Go Bump in the Night. What better time, therefore, to engage the services of Challoner, Murray & Balfour: Monster Hunters at Law? And because … Continue reading

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Translation Awards – The End

As you will see from various news outlets over the next few days, the Directors of the SF&F Translation Awards, of whom I am one, have jointly decided to cease giving out the Awards and wind up the corporation that … Continue reading

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Orange October – Mission Accomplished

Three in five. Absolutely amazing. Of course I remember all of those freezing cold nights with Kevin at Candlestick Park. I’d bring thermoses full of hot food and hot chocolate to keep us going. In those days the baseball media … Continue reading

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Beer + Coffee = Strange Love

Some of you will know that I am very fond of Wildebeest, the Imperial espresso chocolate vanilla stout from Wild Beer Company. Generally I prefer stouts and porters, but the idea of adding coffee to beer is gathering momentum and … Continue reading

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Follow-Up Thought on Steampunk

On the steampunk panel at BristolCon we had to make a point of saying that the fiction we wrote critiqued the class system rather than taking it as a given. I figured that was an end to it. But today … Continue reading

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Resurrection Code In Stores

For the benefit of those of you who like to use specific stores to buy your ebooks, Lyda Morehouse’s Resurrection Code is now available in the following places: Kobo Nook (B&N) Google Play Piranhas Of course the book is also … Continue reading

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News From Mr. B’s

There have been a couple of big announcements from the fabulous Bath bookseller, Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. First up, they have launched their own publishing imprint: Fox, Finch & Tepper. They’ll be doing primarily literary fiction, but I … Continue reading

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Another BristolCon Wrapped

Well, that’s another one done. Six down, many more to go? I started out writing a brief note, and it rapidly turned into a con report, so I have posted it as such. You can find it here. Well done … Continue reading

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Feminism is for Everyone

I have another article up on the Bristol 24/7 website. Last week we ran a comment piece that was what people on the Internet tend to refer to as “white woman’s tears”. So I got a bit annoyed, and this … Continue reading

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Bristol Panel Requests

BristolCon starts tomorrow evening. I’ll be moderating two panels on Saturday, as follows: Music in my Writing: Music might be even harder to write about than Sex or Death, and yet it’s a really important part of the process for … Continue reading

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Resurrection Code Resurrected

BristolCon starts tomorrow, and it seems only appropriate that I should have a new book out for the local convention. Of course it’s not paper, but hey, it is a great book. Resurrection Code is a prequel of sorts to … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima: BristolCon, Maya Angelou & Thomas Glave

First up on today’s show I had the fabulous Roz Clarke in to do a quick preview of BristolCon. We may have mentioned several people that you know. It gave me a warm and cosy feeling to note that almost … Continue reading

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Michel Faber in Bath

Last night I popped over to Bath to see Michel Faber who had an event at Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. For those not in the know, Faber was born in the Netherlands, raised in Australia, and now lives … Continue reading

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Ann Leckie on the Guardian Books Podcast

I discovered from Twitter this morning that the latest edition of the Guardian Books Podcast features Ann Leckie. Naturally I had a listen, and I think it is well worth your time too. The podcast actually starts with an interview … Continue reading

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More From Simeon Solomon

Yesterday I blogged briefly about Simeon Solomon, the gay Jewish Pre-Raphaelite painter whose life was the subject of a talk I attended on Saturday. I promised you a bit more, so here it is. As I noted, Solomon was one … Continue reading

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Introducing SofaCon 2

What will be you be doing on the weekend of March 14/15 next year? I very much hope some of you will be tuning in to SofaCon 2, the second virtual convention run by Tony Smith and the Star Ship … Continue reading

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