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Stop Worrying and Ditch the Binaries

Hopefully I don’t need to give you folks (another) lecture on why the gender binary is silly. Sadly, however, human beings appear to be addicted to binary thinking, and it causes them to get into all sorts of panics. One … Continue reading

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Bristol Festival of Literature Fundraiser

This year’s Bristol Festival of Literature will take place in October. BristolCon is not part of it this year due to having our date gazumped by FantasyCon and having to move to September. However, there will be a Fringe event … Continue reading

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Sentence Jukka to Transportation

Yes folks, this is your chance to have Jukka Halme sent to Australia. And probably New Zealand as well. I can’t promise that he won’t come back, but you never know. The reason for this is that Jukka is standing … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot – We Have Results

So yeah, I figured that a serious professional photographer like Lou would manage to produce something I’d be OK with. It is her job to work miracles. I didn’t expect to be really pleased with some of the results. Here’s … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – What’s Next?

I see from Twitter that this evening Sarah Savage will be on a panel about the future of Pride. Obviously that will be Brighton-specific, but many of the issues apply the world over. As far as I see it, a … Continue reading

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Hugos – Don’t Give Up

I cast my Hugo ballot today. I figured I should get in before the last minute rush, because it is always a strain on the host Worldcon’s servers and this year is going to be much worse. I suggest that … Continue reading

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Athletics Discovers Intersex

Gender and sport have been uneasy bedfellows for a long time. Many of you will remember the story of Caster Semenya, and you may have seen me write about Santhi Soundarajan. The International Association of Athletics Federations have stumbled from … Continue reading

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A Bristol Bioethics Story

Bristol seems to have a knack of being in the forefront of controversial developments in medical science. Michael Dillon, the first trans man to undergo full medical transition, began his journey while living in Bristol during WWII. Years later, Bristol … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot

I spent the morning in Bath pretending to be a fashion model. Of course I’m not one. What was actually going on is that I have discovered that I need a professionally done head shot for publicity purposes. This is … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 3

I didn’t actually see much of the Sunday events. I needed to grab an interview with my friend Kathy Caton who has been shortlisted for the National Diversity Awards (in the LGBT role model category) this year. Kathy was busy … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 2

Well, that was amazing. When I got to the Marlborough in the morning it was clear that there were way more people than last year. I found Roz Kaveney, and we stood on the kerb together watching the parade leave. … Continue reading

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Trans Pride – Day 1

So, here I am at the seaside. Today the weather has been endless torrential rain. Welcome to the British summer. Thankfully the forecast for tomorrow is mostly dry, and I have been told that it has been very dry in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, @UjimaRadio

Ujima Radio is seven years old this week. They are having a special on-air party today. I can’t be there as I have to head to Brighton for Trans Pride, so I’m sending them birthday wishes instead. If you have … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time – Season 1

Thanks to the Evil Pusher Woman (a.k.a. Tansy Rayner Roberts) I have become addicted to the TV show, Once Upon A Time. I knew that getting a Netflix subscription was going to be trouble one way or another. Thus far … Continue reading

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A Little Feminist Ranting

My latest column for Bristol 24/7 is now online. It is basically a response to a (female) conservative MP implying that trying to get more women on the City Council would mean that they would not be getting elected on … Continue reading

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Sarah Savage Interview

Last night in Brighton Sarah Savage and Fox Fisher had a launch party for the book that they have written. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl tells the story of Tiny, a child whose family has moved … Continue reading

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Today on Ujima – Fashion and Feminism

First up on today’s Women’s Outlook show was fashion designer, Kieran Mceleny. He’s just 19, but he staged his first fashion show aged just 16, and established his own label a year later. That’s pretty darn impressive, if you ask … Continue reading

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May Fringe Podcasts

Got there at last. The podcasts for the May BristolCon Fringe meeting are finally available online. First up was Sophie E Tallis who is an excellent illustrator as well as a great writer. If any fantasy writers out there are … Continue reading

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Am I Transhuman?

Over the weekend I spotted an interesting article on a philosophy blog. In “Queering the Human: Is the Transhuman already here?” BP Morton argues that trans people, especially if medically modified in some way, can be defined as transhuman. Morton’s … Continue reading

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Fringe Tonight

For those of you in easy reach of Bristol, there is a BristolCon Fringe event tonight. The guest readers are Ken Shinn & Nick Walters, and they are promising us a night of horror. There will be Tales of Blood … Continue reading

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