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Ann Leckie on the Guardian Books Podcast

I discovered from Twitter this morning that the latest edition of the Guardian Books Podcast features Ann Leckie. Naturally I had a listen, and I think it is well worth your time too. The podcast actually starts with an interview … Continue reading

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More From Simeon Solomon

Yesterday I blogged briefly about Simeon Solomon, the gay Jewish Pre-Raphaelite painter whose life was the subject of a talk I attended on Saturday. I promised you a bit more, so here it is. As I noted, Solomon was one … Continue reading

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Introducing SofaCon 2

What will be you be doing on the weekend of March 14/15 next year? I very much hope some of you will be tuning in to SofaCon 2, the second virtual convention run by Tony Smith and the Star Ship … Continue reading

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I Talk Women in IT at Bristol 24/7

In what I expect to be the first in a series of monthly columns on women’s issues, I have done this year’s Ada Lovelace Day post (slightly late), at Bristol 24/7, a brand new magazine dedicated to life in Bristol. … Continue reading

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I ♥ @JanetMock

Today the Tangled Roots writing workshop that I featured on my radio show is happening in Bristol. I won’t be there, partly because I am way too busy, and partly because my experience of mixed cultures is insignificant compared to … Continue reading

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On My Art Want List

Yesterday my colleagues at Out Stories Bristol hosted a superb talk by Frank Vigon on the subject of the unjustly forgotten Pre-Raphaelite artist, Simeon Solomon. Solomon was Jewish, and therefore at a huge disadvantage to start with in Victorian society. … Continue reading

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Kizzy & I Talk Trans for #SpiritDay

I was delighted to be able to mark Spirit Day by appearing as a guest on Kizzy Morrell’s show on Ujima talking about trans issues. Kizzy kindly let me do pretty much a trans 101. It wasn’t quite as slick … Continue reading

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Black Sci-Fi & Wangechi Mutu at The Watershed

We had another fine evening of Afrofuturism at The Watershed last night. The event was introduced by Ytasha Womack, inevitably, and by a new voice to me, Ingrid LaFleur. Ingrid is an Afrofuturist art critic, and for me the most … Continue reading

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Yesterday on Ujima – Off the Record, Coaching and Tangled Roots

Yesterday was one of those days when I arrived in the studio knowing next to nothing about the people I was going to be interviewing. We also had one or two technical issues that resulted in it not being the … Continue reading

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Brief Booker Thoughts

I am, of course, very sad that Karen Joy Fowler did not win the Booker. However, I am heartened to learn from the Telegraph that her book, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, has sold more than three times as … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day, 2014

There won’t be a post from me today. That’s not because I haven’t written anything. It is because the thing that I wrote is in another venue that won’t be published until Monday. What venue is that? I hear you … Continue reading

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Black Superheroes at The Watershed

My Saturday evening was spent at the Watershed’s Afrofuturism season. The event in question was a screening of Will Smith’s movie version of I Am Legend, followed by a discussion of black superheroes. The film was rather better than I … Continue reading

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The Abominable Crime

I spent most of Saturday in Bristol. In the afternoon I was at the Arnolfini for a screening of a film called The Abominable Crime. This follows the lives of two gay Jamaicans. Simone is a young lesbian and single … Continue reading

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Karen Joy Fowler & Cats

This past weekend the Cheltenham Festival of Literature had a panel featuring the finalists for the Booker Prize. As you should know, Karen Joy Fowler is one of those writers, and on her way to Cheltenham she stopped off to … Continue reading

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Promoting Afrofuturist Writers

With a film on black science fiction writers due up on Wednesday, I was keen to do as much as I could to promote all of my fabulous friends. And as I have a whole pile of interviews with black … Continue reading

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Some Robot History

Today I caught a replay of Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams, a BBC4 documentary on the history of robots. It is by Professor Simon Schaffer, and it looks at clockwork automata, from the earliest mediaeval clocks through the magnificent toys of … Continue reading

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Book Progress

Thanks to a lot of time spent on trains, and one seriously good book, I have made some progress on the To be Read pile. Specifically I have finished Ancillary Sword. It is a very different story to Ancillary Justice, … Continue reading

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Peter Hamilton in Bath

Yesterday evening Peter Hamilton did a launch event for his latest book, The Abyss Beyond Dreams. It isn’t quite as thick as my hardcover copy of A Dance With Dragons, but it is fairly hefty. Also it is only half … Continue reading

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Tobias S. Buckell Interview

Continuing in the spirit of the Afrofuturism season at The Watershed, here the last of the interviews with Caribbean writers that I have in the can from Ujima. This one is with Tobias S. Buckell and was done around the … Continue reading

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Black Pride on Ujima

As part of the Black History Month celebrations in Bristol we have a number of interesting Jamaican visitors in the city. That includes the Jamaican Poet Laureate, Mervyn Morris, who is doing a public event tonight at Bristol University. Also … Continue reading

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